Tips to Follow in Speed and Maintenance In WordPress

WordPress makes one of the most favored CMS and blogging platforms that is not only easy to install but also allows effortless content creation and maintenance facilities. Widely used by all, be it for a big company website or a personal blog, WordPress is the solution that is banked on by maximum website developers of today.

Although this new application with its easy-to-use features has won numerous hearts in a short span of time, one disadvantage of WordPress is that it do not come optimized, thus increasing the chance of sudden crash when you are enjoying steady flow of traffic. To help avoid this problem at its best, there are some simple plugins that you can install to not only maintain but also speed up your WordPress easily. No more wasting time trying to fix your website when it crashes down. Instead focus on ways to help your website gain momentum with improvement of your site content.

Here in this article we bring for you a vivid idea about how to maintain and speed up WordPress effectively:

Tips to Maintain your WordPress Blog

  • Daily backup of your database: Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you had access to all your latest pages, posts and comments in a handy file, even when the WordPress powered blog breaks down or demands for a reinstallation? Automate your WordPress blog with help of plugins such as WP-DBManager that allows you to save regular backup of database through email or hosting for future need.
  • Reduce Spam Comments: Use filtering plugins in your WordPress such as ‘Akismet’ which helps not only save your time but also strains away spam comments, thus speeding up the comment process.
  • Avoid unwanted 404’s: Many times it so happens that people visit your page and they get a 404 message instead. To avoid the problem of 404, use 404 Notifier and Redirection plugins to ensure that all the 404 errors are identified and the problem is fixed properly and effortlessly.
  • Automatic Search Engine Optimization: When talking about maintenance of WordPress, proper search engine optimization makes one of the most prominent needs. You can avail the help of All in One SEO Pack plugins in which all you need to do is add the title, keywords and description of the content to make it easily searchable to people.

Tips to Speed up Your WordPress

  • Caching: Help your WordPress site speed up with help of various cache plugins that loads only the properly cached contents instead of all scripts and elements. This way, you can reduce the bandwidth, thus ensuring that the site do not go slow in peak traffic spike.
  • Reduction in CSS Files: Another effective way to speed up your WordPress site is by reducing the number of CSS files. Combine multiple CSS files into a big one and use it into the main style sheet or custom file to watch the WordPress site load faster.
  • Reduction in JavaScript Files: Similar to CSS files, reduce the number of JavaScript files too by combining it into a big one. WordPress site that has lesser number of individual JavaScript files loads faster than others
  • Less Use of Plugins: Try to avoid using too many plugins in your WordPress site as that tends to make your website slow. Reduction in the number of plugins you use helps speed up the WordPress optimization.
  • Speed up Image Loading: Use image uploading and storage service plugins that ensure that your WordPress site images will get loaded faster and your visitors will not have to wait for long. Web designers of today widely use this technique to provide visitors with a better image uploading experience.