20 Inspirational Office Workspace Designs

The spaces in which we work have a direct effect on creativity and productivity, so it is important that offices are designed for maximum inspiration. Whether it is a personal space for a home-working freelancer or a large-scale operation for an international corporation, the design and layout of an office is an essential consideration in creating a stimulating working environment.

This post brings together 20 inspirational office designs from around the world, a selection of company developments and a handful of creative personal home workstations.


1. Medina Turgul DDB, Istanbul

Medina Turgul DDB is a Turkish advertising agency, founded in Istanbul in 1993. Since its inception the company has grown, and when it became necessary to move into larger offices architects Erginoglu & Calislar were tasked with creating a new workspace. The result is this beautiful office space in a restored and converted stone salt barn. The design incorporates contemporary wood and glass elements, an open plan layout with mezzanine floors, along with the original historical stone architecture.

2. Vitra Headquarters, Basel

Frank Gehry’s architectural practice developed this incredible office space for the Basel headquarters of Swiss furniture company Vitra. The office interiors are designed to allow for changeable workspaces employing Vitra’s furniture, creating a wonderful working environment and a showcase of contemporary designer furnishings.

3. Selgas Cano, Madrid

Iwan Baan designed this inspiring office space for Spanish architectural practice Selgas Cano in a patch of woodland near Madrid. Manmade materials including acrylic, polyester, fibreglass and concrete are complimented by the elements of wood, foliage and earth, so users are at once emerged in their work and in the immediate natural world.

4. Red Bull, Sydney

Red Bull has a reputation for innovative and often outlandish design its international headquarters, and Matthew Sheargold was given the job of creating the plans for the company’s offices in Sydney. Two abandoned linseed silos were converted into a complex of inspiring offices, meeting rooms and breakout spaces, along with a cricket pitch and rooftop bar.

5. Lego Development Department, Billund

Bosch & Fjord designed the inspirational office space for Lego’s Development Department in Bilund, Denmark. The public spaces are interlinked and open to encourage interaction and sharing of time and ideas, while the offices and meeting rooms offer different levels of formality and playfulness for development.

6. Pixar Studios, Emeryville

Pixar Studio’s headquarters in Emeryville, California is spread over a large campus containing many different office environments and workspaces, with careful use of colour and atmosphere to heighten creativity.

7. Googleplex, Mountain View

Google’s corporate base in Californian is the Googleplex, an expansive complex of innovative working space. The campus features colourful open-plan offices, bicycles for travel between meetings, meeting yurts and huddle rooms, a piano in the lobby along with projections of current Google searches, and staff are free to bring their dogs to work.

8. Google, Zurich

Part of Google’s European operation is housed in a highly eccentric yet user-friendly office building in Zurich. Home to 300 Google engineers, the office features fireman poles for travelling between floors, a slide to reach the cafeteria, and meeting pods and workstations in the forms of Swiss chalets, igloos and cable cars, as seen is this image.

9. TBWA/Chiat/Day Office, New York

US ad agency TBWA’s New York home is a massive open-plan office with colourful work units, traditional British red telephone boxes, full-size basketball court and open area with trees adding to the atmosphere of a village community.

10. TBWA/Hakuhodo, Tokyo

TBWA’s base in Tokyo was created through a three-way collaboration between the agency, Japanese ad agency Hakuhodo and the Klein Dytham architectural practice. The award-winning design was built in the shell of an old bowling alley, and the natural rhythm of the lanes were used as a basis for the layout, with a central open space flanked by sheltered offices, meeting rooms and project spaces.

11. Macquarie Group Limited, Sydney

One Shelley Street in Sydney is home to the Macquarie Group, investment company, a beautiful modern office development with transparent, vibrantly-coloured work units, integrated meeting environments, airy atriums and flexible open spaces. Clive Wilkinson Architects developed the design to meet the very highest standards of sustainable construction.

12. Pallotta TeamWorks Headquarters, Los Angeles

Pallotta TeamWorks Headquarters in Los Angeles is another innovative project designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects. Working within the restrictions of the available budget, the designers filled the space with tented village areas and stacks of freight containers providing executive office units.

13. Saegeling Medizintechnik, Heidenau

Gerd Priebe architects designed the inspirational offices for Saegeling Medizintechnik, a German manufacturer of specialist medical equipment. The design intelligently combines cutting edge features with elegant, curved interiors intimately spread over two floors to maintain a human scale in the development.

14. Diane von Furstenberg Headquarters, New York

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg’s headquarters are based in redeveloped historic buildings in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. The contemporary refit of the building maintained the distinctive facades, while a beautiful geometric glass structure was applied to the roof space. The depths of the interior are illuminated by means of hanging crystals and the keynote feature of a glass stairway. The use of light and inventive floor plans creates an inspirational working environment for the 120 staff who populate the offices.

15. White Mountain Data Centre, Stockholm

The White Mountain Data Centre is home to Bahnhof AB data centre, and is one of the most astonishing offices on, or rather in the planet. The cavernous space is dug out of rock 100 feet below the streets of Stockholm and was originally designed as a nuclear bunker for shelter during an atomic war. The contemporary refurbishment by Albert France Lanord Architects features futuristic interiors worthy of a Bond villain’s lair, and is an incredibly inspiring environment in which to work.

16. JWT, New York

The New York headquarters of JWT Worldwide, one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies, reflects the company’s philosophy of creating stories and spaces that people want to live with, a creative working environment in which to generate successful work.

17. Three Rings Design Inc., San Francisco

Creative workspaces are at their best when they fire the imagination. With this in mind, games company Three Rings Design Inc. created this fantastic office themed around the Nautilus submarine from Jules Verne’s 20,000 leagues Under the Sea. Steampunk-style fittings decorate the wooden screens that divide up the space, and each work area is equipped with submarine controls, deep-sea creatures and Victorian furnishings; a truly immersive and inspiring office design.

Home Offices

18. Lisa Risager’s Workspace

Freelance web designer and developer Lisa Risager works at this desk that enjoys a fine view of Copenhagen. Aside from her design work, Risager is a keen crafter, and keeps equipment and tools for knitting, sewing and such like immediately at hand.

19. Michael Bilotta’s Workstation

Michael Bilotta’s minimalist home workspace is pared-down and bathed in subtle neon illumination.

20. Tekology’s Dual Workspace

This cool workspace allows two people to work at the same time, with a MacBook Pro, three computers, three monitors and whiteboards for brainstorming. LED lighting, hidden cables and plain furniture all add to sense of minimalist practicality.

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