The Benefits of a Single Page Website

Over the last few months I keep coming across some brilliant One Page Websites. That’s not just unscrollable websites but also websites that have all the different pages on the same page. But why should you want a website that exists as one page?

They work.

One Page websites have become really popular recently and I think it’s partly because they just work. Whether you’re concerned about navigation or if you don’t think you have enough to fill pages of a portfolio then a One Page Website could be exactly what you need.

Unfold’s site is a brilliant example of a well designed, well thought out site. It looks great, details all the things you need to know and it’s all on one page!

They are easy to navigate.

When you visit a really simple one page website you are only a few page scrolls or a click away from what you want to know. Having only one page to play with also means users are much less likely to get lost trawling through loads of pages about loads of different things. In some cases you don’t even need a navigation bar as the user just needs to scroll.

Take my own website, (below) for example, the only navigation bar, at the bottom of the page, takes you to my Resume, Blog and music.

You can get your point across easily.

If you confine yourself to a page the size of a browser window then you have to be really selective about your choice of words and how many words you are actually going to use. Hopefully this means that what you do say is the important bits. If you get stuck it’s helpful to think about what exactly you do: are you a designer? writer? etc.

You can also use a big image to get across your point without clogging up the page with other text.

Perhaps a video would be better than writing pages of text?

Jacob’s site is a perfect example of this. In less than 10 seconds I know what he does and have 14 ways to contact him!

There’s no need to direct users.

On some fully blown sites you feel it would be easier if someone told you where to go and what was what as everything is cluttered and confusing. On a simple, clean one page site there’s no need to make huge navigation links or worry about people not finding their way around your site. Remember that people have hundreds of thousands of sites to choose from so make sure people can find what they want to quickly and easily.

Bandwidth is reduced.

This one isn’t such a big problem today with lots of hosts offering comfortably more than you need but if your site is getting lots of visitors and on every page you have a large image you’re going to eat up bandwidth. For example, if you had an unedited 1mb image that was loaded 1000 times you’d use 1GB of data. Most image files unedited are 2-3mb so you can see that unless you edit and cut down on image use then you could run into problems. With a one-page site you’re using maybe one or two images which will obviously cut bandwidth useful.

You can show off your best.

Trying to fill a page with your best work and ending up having to resort to using old stuff isn’t great. So, instead, showcase only 1 or 2 of your best pieces using a one page website. This helps in putting yourself across in a positive light without the need for people to see the stuff you’re so proud of.

Sky so clear does this really well; a nice clean portfolio on the front page with easy to see links. It’s well worth a visit.

Do you have any favourite One Page Websites? Let us know!