Industrial Design Web Links Review April

Another month, and another roundup and showcase of the best links relating to the world’s of product and industrial design. This month we see; several great interviews from top designers including Karim Rashid, The Scooter Caravan, articles from Treehugger and much more.

Take inspiration and clue up on any articles talking all things Product design, from this months review of product and industrial design from across the web.

Interview: Katie Swann

Kate Swann, COO of Frog Design may have the answer on why there is such a disconnect between consumer intentions for going green and their actual behavior.

Triple Pundit

The Scooter Caravan

Touted as the world’s smallest, it’s quite compact and serves up a bunch of amenities inside if you need some hot tea or a space to catch a few winks.


A Brief History of the Keyboard

I couldn’t help but reflect on the how the keyboard has changed- and how it hasn’t- since it moved from typewriter to smartphone to tablet.

Fuel Your Product Design

Help the Eco Music Festival

This July 4th weekend, the Eco Music Festival (EMU) is bringing Leftover Salmon, RJD2, Tea Leaf Green, Perpetual Groove, and other musical acts one and a half miles above sea level—to Snowmass Village, Colorado—for several days of fun.


How Important are 3D CAD Qualifications?

s redundancies have seen talented designers and engineers thrown out from their comfortable lives where 2D was the norm, many are now becoming worried about how they’ll cope in a changing world.

Develop 3D

Marc Newson on How Design is Easy

Marc Newson is the rare industrial designer hailed as an artist, commanding prices to match. A prototype of his earliest, most famous work, the Lockheed Lounge—a swooping, aluminum-plated chaise—sold at auction last spring for $2.1 million. He followed that in the fall with an exhibition at New York’s Gagosian Gallery, the centerpiece of which was his refresh of the Aquariva, the iconic Italian wooden speedboat.

Wall Street Journal

Salone Milan 2011

Max Lipsey, once of Colorado and now of Eindhoven, introduces us to his new Acciaio Chairs, made from super light and super thing steel bicycle tubing. The color palette is inspired by vintage Italian bicycles and named after their makers.


One Show Interactive Annual Jeff Hirsch

One Show Interactive Annual by Jeff Hirsch and published by Club publishing is dedicated to interface design and interactivity. It is of particular use to industrial designers, especially ones working in the consumer electronics space especially where web and screen based interfaces are utilized.


Helmet & Eyeshade Design

Industrial Design Served

Carbon Fibre Furniture

The concept behind the carbon fibre chair and table is that through the use of new technology to create a new paradigm for design and functions for a new visual mode of expression, which reflects the times in which we now live and which is based on the latest available and advanced technology, processes and materials.

Industrial Design Served

Bjarke Ingles talks Sustainability

Bjarke Ingels is a refreshing and new voice on the international stage of architecture. He has completed projects throughout Europe and recently opened an office in New York City. Along with his design work, Ingels has a continuing presence at conference and events such as the TEDGlobal 2009.


How Steve Sasson Invented the Digital Camera

hotographer David Friedman makes gorgeous mini-documentaries about inventors (32 so far), and his latest is a must-see for anyone who wonders where world-changing technology comes from. Friedman interviewed Steven Sasson, inventor of the digital camera, in Kodak’s Rochester, NY headquarters last October, and got a little “product walkthrough” of Sasson’s first working camera — which looks like a clunky ’70s Polaroid crossed with a Speak-and-Spell.

FastCo Design

Claeson Koivisto rune: Folded Leaf

a return to basic functionality and ergonomic design characterizes the ‘folded leaf’ concept phone,
designed for huawei by stockholm-based studio claesson koivisto rune and on display during milan design week 2011.

Design Boom

Thoughts on the Future of Product Design

Blogger, journalist and science fiction author Cory Doctorow pondered the future of manufactured products in a recent article for Make magazine. Research for one of his novels, which mostly takes place in the factory cities of South China, caused him to think about the goods that are made on the assembly lines in those factories.


Ross Lovegrove: 100% Suspended Lamp

the ‘100% suspended’ light is an extension of ross lovegrove ‘s   ‘100%’ lamp designed for italian brand danese a new version of the lamp is shown at the danese booth on the milan fairgrounds.
the new light no longer uses an electronic, serigraphed ABS card. instead it features the same printed circuit as the suspension lamp, which runs along the inner part of the lamp’s arm rather than the exterior as in its earlier edition.

Design Boom

Best of Best: Red Dot Design Awards

I can give you hundreds of definitions of what is a good design, right from Dieter Rams to Jonny Ive. The bottom line I think is just this, a good design is what appeals to the individual at that particular moment and if it solves a purpose for him/her, then even better! Red Dot Product Design is one jury that looks at all the angles and aspects of a design. For 2011 they have summed up their Best of Best designs and here is a small recap of my pick – 21 Good Designs in all!

Yanko Design

Interview with Athletic Footwear Brand SG3

Monkee had the pleasure of interviewing SG3‘s, Luke Deering (Co-Founder & Business Operations Manager), Daniel Bailey (Co-Founder & Designer) and Omar Bailey (Co-Founder & Designer).

Monkee Design

How to Win at Job Interviews

With many graduates competing for the same, limited amount of jobs, particularly in the creative industries, it’s important more than ever before to stand out from the crowd to secure that first step onto the career ladder.

Creative Boom

The Leica i9 Concept

Leica’s rangefinder cameras fit this description, with a unmatched legacy of quality in a design that has changed little in 60 years. Given the slow pace of change in the Leica M series Rangefinder (the first digital model came out in 2006), we’re not likely to see these smartphone-like features in a Leica anytime soon.

Fuel Your Product Design

Break Soap Concept

Hakkens’ idea is that you only break off a small piece at a time, to avoid “contaminating” the rest of the soap. But I think this could also be applied in a healthcare setting where caregivers could be required to use precise dosages of soap, ending the washing only when the entire piece had dissolved.

Design Boom

Interview with Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers today. He has over 3000 products in production, countless awards and an ever growing list of collaborations; exhibitions, restaurants, banks, automative and electronic companies to name a few. He is an enigmatic designer with accessible taste. That’s a rare and precious combination. There’s something rebellious about his vision, yet refined. His bold aesthetic and penchant for pushing boundaries makes him worthy of a singular moniker – Karim.

Yanko Design

Mini Rocketman Concept


Bauhaus Dessau Foundation Identity: Aisleone