The CrueCast Talks Product Design, Unemployment, Education & More

I wanted to direct you guys to the latest CrueCast episode that went live this past week; yes it features an interview with myself Jared Thompson. I found this a great experience and just getting the email to be asked to be involved was a honor.

Here I wanted to also break down the interview and the points myself, Joshua Rapp and Jane Clark discussed in our talk. We broke down several topics based around my own education and knowledge within the design world (both online and offline.) I also wanted to tip my hat to the people and websites I mentioned in the interview for they are the people who have helped and continue to motivate me to this day.

What is the CrueCast? and Who is Involved?

The MotleyCrüe Cast is a podcast for creative individuals both freelance and professional in any field, hosted by Joshua Rapp of Rappsody Studios, Jane Clark of Teakettica, and produced by Pablo Lara in association with The Motley Design Crüe.

@rappsodystudios @teakettica @pablolarah

Where can I find the CrueCast? What Does the CrueCast Involve?

The podcast information is held at and can also be found on iTunes here:

The format of the show usually consists of an interview about our guest and what they do, any project that they can talk about at the time, and a topic of discussion for that show, followed by a quick Q&A session pulled from the forumtwitter, and facebook.

Download/Listen to the CrueCast Episode 11

(featuring interview with Jared Thompson.) Interview from 20:30.

My Notes from the Podcast:

In the podcast we discussed; Design Juices, Product Design, State of Job Market in the UK & differences between design in the UK and US.

What is Product Design; “Product design is the 3D physical Product.. Something you interact with on a day to day basis.”

Do You Feel that your education adequately prepared you for work after school; “It was a struggle and a hard working three years.. but I’m happy with the cards I was dealt and we all have to deal with the same situations. The underpreparation I did have was not having a placement, I would love to have been able to do that before leaving.”

Product Design Tends to be a Fraternity “Boys Club.” (Both myself and Joshua know that having had classes with only 1/2 female members.) Who you know and what you know are key factors in your job search.

Our generation is online, social media is a lot more ‘universal.’ Employers background check Facebook, Twitter. So always remember you are being checked, and employers do take into account your actions online before hiring someone. Don’t post things passive aggressively (what you wouldn’t want people to see.) Keep personal and private life separate.

What do you see as a future with Design Juices; Design Juices has been a blessing and I appreciate every single person who has worked with me to make it a success today. Thankyou; I’d love to see it continue, and as long as it keeps me happy and motivated.

The logo on Design Juices was by Chris Thurman of Visual Swirl.

Shout to my other blog ventures over at The Tee Gazette (@teegazette); As I mention I really have enjoyed my work over there with Kelly and all the other indie brands and business owners you have been a joy to work with and network with. Want to get in touch We like to get in touch with new people, brands, stores all the time.

Do I prefer t-shirt design? (those of you will know having see my personal Tumblr: I wouldn’t say I prefer tees, but its a growing passion I love.

What would be my dream job? My Icons in design have always been Dieter Rams and Jonathan Ive, If I can achieve 10% of what changes they have made in the world I would be happy. I would love to eventually move abroad to Canada, (namely British Columbia being a big Vancouver Canucks Fan.)

And yes I will eventually get over to the big USA to visit many many friends I’ve made via Twitter and other design links, as long as your willing to have a beer (and maybe offer me a couch to sleep.)

Where do I find my Inspiration? What is currently in my RSS feed? (see my friends list for more.)

Smashing Network, Design Boom, Core77, Embody 3D, Michael DiTullo.

“When you leave School your no longer the ‘Big Fish’ in a small pond.” -Jane Clark

With such big characters in design, It’s hard to find your niche and to make yourself stand out. But why can’t you change that to improve yourself? Strive to Improve, and know your design education isn’t over and you must work hard to improve.

“Can you change a design, so that someone’s routine is for the better?”

To be more efficient, and for the better we can all change something through design, whether your an athlete or an older member of society who can’t do the things they used to. You can with design change things for the better, every step forward can change someone else’s life for the good.

“I hate designers who focus on making things look shiny, and focusing on Aesthetics.”

Design should be about making things functional especially in today’s world, think about the environment of today. Green design is the future and think about renewable materials, smart materials..

When are teachers going to see that they need to tell underperforming students that they need to step up; I think you are often found out if you are superficial and fronted your design knowledge. Design presentations and group discussions often weed out the underperforming members of any class. This is often a great place to learn presentation skills for later in life in how to present a your ideas and designs.

My thanks again to Joshua, Jane and all involved with the CrueCast. I loved my time on the show and the discussion on the podcast. I hope you enjoyed my notes and listening to the podcast yourselves.