6 Tips for Incorporating Your Design Work Into Your Office Décor

There is no better form of self advertising than decorating your office with your own unique designs. Traditional offices tend to be plain, utilitarian, and lack personality. It might seem difficult to redecorate your office space with your own work without going over the top, but you can actually do it quite easily and effectively with just a few useful tips.

1. First Things First – Get Organized


Offices seem to naturally attract clutter. Get everything organized before you start decorating, so you have a clean, crisp palette to work with. File away anything lingering on your desk and any other horizontal surfaces and create organization areas for the things that need to stay out. Arrange your furniture so that the office isn’t an obstacle course. Your office furniture should have a floor plan that has flow and allows you to get from one place to another quickly.

2. Your Office Should Be Aesthetically Pleasing


You spend a lot of time there – you should be able to enjoy the visual stimulation of the room. When beginning to decorate, the first thing you should do is choose the basics: paint and flooring.

You don’t need a neutral color if you don’t want one. Paint your walls any color you desire, whether it’s eggshell white or brilliant purple. Think about how spacious your office area is. If it feels too large and empty, a dark paint color will make it feel smaller and cozier. If your office feels too small and cramped, repainting with a light color will open it up, making it seem larger and brighter.

When choosing flooring, take into consideration the use of the area. If you will be using rolling chairs, avoid carpeting on those areas. For places that will be used for consultation, conversations, and meetings, carpet and comfortable furniture are more appropriate.

3. Pick One Of Your Designs That Inspires You The Most

Jeremy Levin Design

You can build your room around it, not only channeling that piece throughout the room, but enhancing the design itself on display. Make it your focal point. In your home, you have natural focal points to make a room interesting: a fireplace, picture window, dining table, entertainment center, etc. Offices often don’t have an obvious focal point. You can make your desk the focal point of your office pretty easily. Line up a few bookshelves directly behind your desk, hang a large piece of art, or create a grouped photo or painting display on the wall. A very simple method of doing this is by making a ‘framed’ area – attach some attractive molding in a square and paint a different color or apply some beautiful wallpaper inside it, creating an uncomplicated focal point. You can even have your own print ideas made into wallpaper by some manufacturers.

4. Frame It

Dee Adams

If you create works of art, whether it is oil painting, unique clothing designs, or graphic art, frame it. Take some of your best examples – or create a few just for the purpose – and have them professionally framed for your office walls. Not only will this give you a great visual reminder of why you do what you do, when clients come in and ask “Where did you get that piece of art?” you can tell them exactly where it came from.

5. Try Wall Decals


One of the most popular decorating ideas right now is wall decals. These create a silhouette of shapes and scenes that can be applied to walls or glass surfaces very easily, removed without damage, and reused in the future. You can buy these premade in thousands of shapes, including quotations, or have someone custom create one for you. If you have a design of your own that you would like to see on your walls, have it translated into a wall decal.

6. Make Sure It Lasts


Make sure that you won’t quickly become tired of the way your office looks. A good way to judge this is by looking at your home and closet. Think about how long it has been since you bought a new living room set, then think about whether you are bored with it already. What about your clothing? Do you get sick of your wardrobe often, or are have you been satisfied with the styles that you wear for a while? If you get bored with things quickly and think you might end up redecorating within a year or two – or less – it might be a good idea to do your decorating inexpensively.