Industrial Design Review of the Web May

Take some form of inspiration from every form of design and creativity on the web, but here today I aim to showcase the industrial design articles from across the web which have inspired me the most. Another month has passed and another batch of articles i always choose to bookmark in my stumbleupon favourites.

Here I showcase several links from the usual suspects such as; Core77, Design Boom, Fuel Your Product Design, Develop 3D and more. But there is also a great interview with Dieter Rams, Interview from Embody 3D and information on a multi touchscreen tablet.

Split: Dae Hoon Jung: Fujitsu Design Award

‘split’ by dae hoon jung from korea, is a shortlisted entry among over 3000 participants from our recent designboom competition’a life with future computing‘, organized in collaboration by FUJITSU.

Taken from Design Boom

Planned Obsolence: Dreamchild of a Industrial Designer?

An article in the Times entitled “From the Pen of a Giant of Industrial Design” looks at Brooks Stevens, a prominent industrial designer of the last century and one of the original nine founders, along with Raymond Loewy, of the IDSA.

Taken from Core77

Interview: Daniel Mapp

This month we had the pleasure of speaking with Daniel Mapp, a young and promising Industrial Designer from the UK. Keen to learn from his experiences and tackle new challenges, Daniel tells us what it has been like living in China for a year and shares some of his own design philosophies and inspirations.

Taken from Embody 3D

Autodesk: Next Step in Automatic 3d Model Creation

Next Thursday Autodesk is due to update The Photo Scene Editor for Project Photofly, one of the most exciting technology previews we’ve seen on its Labs website.

Taken from Develop 3D

Mini World Rally Championship Team uses 3D Printing

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for MINIs – my first car was a Blue 1985 Austin MINI City E complete with classic cockpit, spluttering engine, and an inability to overtake without a perfectly timed run-up.

Taken from Develop 3D

Bill Buxton: Renaissance Approach to Product Design

Leon Battista Alberti was a fifteenth century philosopher, mathematician and altogether man of information who was the inspiration for the ‘renaissance man’ – someone who excels in multiple areas. If ever there was a modern-day interpretation of Alberti, I daresay it would be Bill Buxton.

Taken from Technet

Q&A Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams is considered by many to be a design legend. The 78-year-old German designer is probably best known for the work he did as the design director at Braun (a job he held from 1961 until 1997), where he was responsible for some of the best-looking and -sounding stereo components ever made, along with a host of other products like shavers and kitchen appliances.

Taken from NyTimes

Ecopad: Fujitsu Special Award

‘ecopad’ by yonggu do + jun-se kim + eun-ha seo from korea is one of seven entries that received the ‘judge’s special award’
among over 3000 participants from our recent designboom competition ‘a life with future computing‘, organized in collaboration with FUJITSU and DA – design association japan.

Taken from Design Boom

Autodesk Releases free app for 3D Printing

The high-end software maker unveils a design application for the rest of us, complete with pushbutton 3-D printing services.

Taken from FastcoDesign

Aeron Tozier Working out Design Language of Carbon Fibre

Good designers mess around with new materials to discover their distinct properties, creating forms they could not have made with the previous generation’s materials.

Taken from Core77

Naoto Fukasawa new Infobar Mobile Phone

Renowned Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa has collaborated with iinda to design the INFOBAR A01, the third generation of the phone to come out of the au design project. The physical design of the phone is in keeping with the INFOBAR family DNA, retaining the colorful tiled buttons and lighthearted aesthetic.

Taken from Fuel your Product Design

The New Industrial Revolution?

Bass announced that Autodesk plans to address the Maker Movement with a new free 3D modeling application coming out later this month called Autodesk 123D that allows individuals to create things in 3D. Bass also described some key partners that will help students, hobbyists or entrepreneurs get their designs made.

Taken from Dexigner

The Brad Peebler Interview

Luxology has risen in profile in the design and engineering world very quickly over the last few years. This is possibly due to the growing adoption of its rendering engine, Nexus, by the likes of SolidWorks and Bentley Systems, both of which have discovered that it enables more accurate previews, quicker set-up times and rapid calculation speeds.

Taken from Develop 3D

Phil Champ LAPD Consultants Interview

Phil Champ is the former principal product designer at LAPD Consultants, a dual disciplined design consultancy with a focus on lighting and product design. Clients included ACDC Lighting, Reggiani and iGuzzini and many other leading brands within the professional lighting sector. He is now owner of Champ Industrial Design, his own design company.

Taken from Develop 3D

DIYers Develop Affordable CNC Machine

New-Jersey-based Mark and Trish Carew are an RC enthusiast couple who make their own radio-controlled model airplanes from scratch. While refining the designs of their planes, the Carews found it tedious to keep recutting shapes with different tweaks, so they sought a better solution.

Taken from Core77

High CAD training Costs Displace Unemployed design Candidates

Just because a large auto company pays for CAD training for its on-site employees doesn’t mean the price is reasonable. They can write it off. Now ask anyone without a job, but looking to get trained for a new employment opportunity; their lack of cash flow simply cannot handle the costs to maintain skills.

Taken from Torquenews

3D Brilliance Pen Holder & Paper Tray

Online rapid-prototyping giant Shapeways has announced the results of its ICFF ’11 Design Contest, a competition for the best 3-D printed contemporary furniture or product design (which we co-judged). The winner is an elegant little pen holder that does double duty as a paper tray.

Taken from FastcoDesign

Multi Touchscreen Tablet with Removable Hard Drives

While this post began as a simple presentation of the industrial design concept we’re about to take a look at, it transformed ever so slightly into a work that explores what the possibilities could be for touchscreen conglomerations such as this.

Taken from Slash Gear

Effective Use of Twitter for Designers

Almost everyone has a Twitter account and uses it almost everyday to be updated with everything under the sun. For freelancers, Twitter can be a great advantage in marketing your services. If you have lots of followers, some of them could be your potential clients.

Taken from Naldz Graphics

Alessandro Canepa + Andrea Paulicelli Fontable

italian designers alessandro canepa and andrea paulicelli have developed a series of tables whose top are represented by
alphanumerics adding a bold, graphic three-dimensional form of type to any space. the entire alphabet is represented
in both upper and lower case versions, along with the numbers 0 through 9.

Taken from Design Boom

Selling Solar Futures

A commodity is a (relatively) undifferentiated good the price for which is determined by the market, and this price is generally low. Commodities are by their nature fungible; however, all commodities are not created equal. Solar electricity, when sold utility-scale as a commodity, is differentiated by being clean, safe, and reliable.

Taken from Electroiq

Interview with Jared Thompson; talking all things Product design, job and more

We’re Back! On Friday the 13th none the less, and this time with our very own Gal Friday Jane Clark joined in on the fun. She was nice enough to lend a hand with some co-hosting responsibilities and if we wish really hard boys and girls she could end up becoming a fixture on the podcast.

Taken from RappsodyStudios

Googles Chromebook

This week at the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco- Google has officially unveiled the product that will bring cloud computing to the masses: the Chromebook, a portable computer that runs Chrome OS.

Taken from Fuel Your Product Design

Dieter Rams 60s 606 is 50

Dieter Rams is in New York to help celebrate 60s 606 is 50, the 50th anniversary exhibition of his 606 shelving system. Rams designed the 606 as a 28-year-old man back in 1960, and the wall-track-based system is still being produced by original manufacturer Vitsoe.

Taken from Core77

7 Ways to become a better designer

No matter what level you’ve reached in your career or journey as a designer, there is always room for improvement! Today I’m going to cover a few ways you can improve your design skills and reach your next level.

Taken from Roberto Blake

Kevin Cyr Home in the Weeds

brooklyn-based designer / artist kevin cyr has sent designboom images of his latest work and exhibition. known for his sculptural pieces such as ‘camper kart‘ and ‘camper bike‘, that explore themes of mobility and shelters in our contemporary society, cyr currently presents ‘home in the weeds’, a solo exhibition at 941 geary in san francisco on now until june 4th, 2011.

Taken from Design Boom

Homemade Photopolymer 3D Printer

Singapore-based José Oliveira Veloso has created a prototype of a low-cost DIY 3D printer using an upward-facing DLP projector to (UV-)cure resin in the form of a 3D image file.

Taken from Core77

Less is More: That Aging Gadget is Still Worthwhile

Consumers go crazy for the latest gadgets, but as soon as the packaging is off, the device becomes a “used” good on its way to obsolescence.

Taken from Tech News Daily

Getting a Grip of Home Product Design

If choosing a kitchen product is anything like dating, designer Davin Stowell has some advice.

Taken from CbsNews

Overstuffed Understatement Jamirang Sofa Collection

If her minimal website is any indication, South Korea’s Bora Kim is yet another designer who prefers to let her work speak for itself. Kim’s “Jamirang” sofa collection is a pair of stout chair designs that draw on minimalist design vocabulary while simultaneously suggesting utmost comfort.

Taken from Core77

Alessi creates the Ultimate no mess Bathroom Set

Birillo by Alessi is made up of 10 minimally designed bathroom accoutrements assembled out of “imperfect squares” and “wrong circles,” according to the designer, Piero Lissoni. And while they are clearly designed to camouflage themselves, items like the soap dish (with its shell-like ribbing) can’t help but stand out as particularly pleasing forms.

Taken from Fastcodesign

Carrying things (pt2) Bellroys Quest to shrink the Wallet

Bellroy’s mission is “trying to improve the way we carry,” starting with the wallet, an object whose design “has existed in a deep freeze for the last generation or two.”

Taken from Core77

Covering Design, Comic Books

Comic books are many things: pieces of artwork, hot movie properties and connections to childhood memories. But comic books are also a product and comic book covers are the product branding. These are six current cover artists who exemplify the aesthetics of good design and product identity.

Taken from Core77