Showcase of Inspiration: Graphic Designer + Illustrator Joanne Hawker

Today it is a great feeling to introduce to you all another showcase of inspiration, with our headlining inspiration being the exciting works of Joanne Hawker. Joanne (@joannehawker) comes from Somerset here in the UK, where she has her education coming out of the University of Cardiff. She has her work displayed on her own website and also has a fun blog of her own.

With an expanding portfolio of work, I can only see Joanne having great success in the future! Here Joanne talks more about herself, and how she is involved in the design and creatives industry;

My name is Joanne Hawker and I am a Graphic Designer/Illustrator from Somerset with a huge passion for anything creative. I graduated from The University of Wales Institute Cardiff in 2010 with a 1st class degree in Graphic Communication. I particularly enjoy working with pattern, design for print, my lovely drawing pens and packaging, but to be honest I’ll have a go at everything! Recently, I have been experimenting with lino and screen-printing techniques to try and expand my portfolio and creative thinking. I have a long way to go but practice makes perfect!

My main influence comes from my surroundings. This is usually in the form of wildlife in my rural area and even day trips to the coast. I also find the creative community hugely inspiring. I follow many creative’s on twitter and feature many of them on my blog. In the process I discover illustration styles or themes that I have not yet come across. It is also useful to see what other people are doing and to keep with trends. Some creative’s I particularly love are Job Burgerman, Zeppton and Gemma Correll.

“In the future I’d love to have my own range of giftware, a great job and in the distant future I’d love to have an arty tea shop with plenty of exhibition space! So fingers crossed I will get there one day.”


You can find Joanne’s portfolio at and follow her blog at

Follow Joanne @joannehawker on twitter and find her on both Society6 and Etsy