Showcase of Inspiration: Designer Ana Stroe

Today we are proud to introduce to you all Ana Stroe (@fluffylefluff,) she is a ambitious graphic designer hailing form Aalborg in Denmark. She describes her drawing as something which has been a lifelong passion and she most enjoys creating work through ink. She has a love and passion about character design and loves to combine traditional techniques alongside her digital artwork. What Ana says of herself;

“My name’s Ana-Gabriela and I’m a twenty-year-old ambitious graphic design student with a lot of love for drawing.
When I design I like to combine traditional techniques along with digital ones to come up with something one of a kind. I’m always trying to experiment as much as possible on every field of visual communication ( experimental illustrations, typography, painting etc.) Very passionate about all aspects of design so I’m trying to learn more about it every single day.” – Ana Stroe (find her work on Behance.)

Around the World! (England & Australia)


Character Design

Fun With Letters

Ribbons & Unicorns

Find Ana on twitter @fluffylefluff and check out her portfolio on Behance.