Showcase of Inspiration: Designer & Text Art from Anton Mwewa

Today I am happy to showcase the typography and text art works from the portfolio of Anton Mwewa. I think many of you who are part of the Deviantart community will recognised his typographic works which are of the highest quality. But before we show you some of his brilliant digital artworks, we got Anton to tell us all a little more about himself and how he got to where he is today in the design world.

No one taught me the basics of design. It’s just something I learnt to do myself over time. I honestly believe anyone can do it (even though they feel as though they’re lacking in the department) with constant practice. When I first got introduced to text art and typography on DeviantArt, I couldn’t wrap my mind around how amazing some of the artists were. They were doing things I couldn’t even imagine myself doing. It was the community at DeviantArt that inspired me to learn more about text
art and better myself in the process.

Most of my work is inspired by music and the day to day struggles of contemporary life. I feel a deep emotional connection to every piece I make, as it reflects my own ideas, feelings and beliefs. This may or may not be obvious, but I’ve noticed viewers tend to appreciate the art more if they feel it connected to the artist in some way. In the beginning, I’d use only Photoshop for my works, simply because it was the only program I had a basic understanding of. I have now expanded into Illustrator and occasionally InDesign. I’m yet to conquer the broad range of programs used by the professionals.

Having completed journalism school this year, I’m set to study advertising design, something that I will bring my love of art, design, typography and communication into one ball of awesomeness. And as to what the future holds, who knows? All I hope for is an amazing career doing what I love and hoping it loves me back. -Anton Mwewa

Check out Anton on his Facebook page & his DeviantART profile. You can also read a DeviantART interview with him and follow him @TheAnton101 on Twitter.

Lost Dreams


Inner City Isolation

Day After Day

Deja Vu

Futuristic Lovers

In Your Head

Check out Anton on his Facebook page & his DeviantART profile. You can also read a DeviantART interview with him and follow him @TheAnton101 on Twitter.

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  • Print Guru

    I always enjoy looking at creative typography and how it is used in various designs.  It provides a lot of inspiration and you can tell Anton incorporates his passion into his work.  I’m sure he will do really well in the field of advertising design.  I’m sure that he’ll be able to make some interesting print ads for magazines or whatever other marketing media is the goal.