Home Decorating Ideas for Design Geeks

There’s nothing wrong with being a geek, and when it comes to designing the space you live in, there’s no reason to hide it. If you’re a fan of technology, gaming and the Internet, then letting some of your love for the technology shine through in the design of your home is only natural, and can help you feel inspired, creative and happier.

We’ve selected a showcase of amazing, wonderful & creative pieces of geeky furniture and tech-inspired art, to help inspire you for the next time you want to redesign your home decor.

This Is Mykea is an amazing idea – they create vinyl stickers with beautiful artwork, designed to perfectly fit the common makes of Ikea furniture. Such a simple, but brilliant, idea.

Vinyl wall art is perfect for those that want to add some creativity to their walls, without the need to repaint when you’re bored of the design. When you want a fresh change, you can simply remove the vinyl design and replace with something new. Blik offers a whole range of great designs, including many designs from Threadless.

It’s impossible to not be happy when your living room contains a giant rubik’s cube.  This one, designed by Fabio Teixeira, is just a concept at the moment, but we’re hoping that it’ll see the light of the day.

There’s something very Mario-esque about the Bricks & Mortar chairs designed by Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong. While it may be tricky getting them to match the rest of the room, they’d certainly be a talking point.

The Wave Chaise is a “multimedia seat”, with a built in screen, speakers and extremely comfortable seating. It was originally designed for teenagers, but there shouldn’t be anything to prevent those a bit older from enjoying the best seat in the house.

This concept furniture from Diego Silverio & Helder Filipov turns the tetris shapes into storage, helping you to stack and position the cupboards easily, whilst looking interesting too.

These iPhone app icon coasters can instantly geek a table up, bring your table up-to-date whilst also keeping it free of coffee stains.

It’s hard not to love these Creative Suite cushions, designed with Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator in mind.

It looks like a regular clock at first glance, but on further inspection it’s a clock that’s significantly more mathematically complex. It’s the perfect way to smarten up a living room owned by people who are too cool for regular numbers.

KULT Studio offers beautiful artwork of iconic characters and cult figures, and even offers a professional framing service to help display the new designs.  The artwork has been produced by genuinely talented artists, and can lend a classy, geeky feel to a room.

This retro gaming table by Surface Tension manages to look classy while still being fun, quirky & creative. The table has Wi-Fi built in and ships with over 100 classic arcade games including Space Invaders and Mortal Kombat.

These bizarre (but creative) bean bags help to liven up a living room or home office, and are as much a talking point as they are functional.

If you’ve found some amazing pieces of geeky furniture & artwork, let us know in the comments.