Showcase of Inspiration: Motion & Illustration Designer Jonas Bødtker

Again we extend our inspirational nets out to another illustrator this time, also famed for his motion design work on several creative videos. Today we are happy to showcase the works of Jonas Bødtker, based out of Norway he has some really great videos and illustrations showcased below. Here we hand over to Jonas to tell us more about himself and how he fits into the design world.

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Check out Jonas full portfolio and showreel of work

Hello, my name is Jonas Bødtker; I’m 28 years old and recently graduated from the Bergen National Academy of The Arts in Norway, with a Bachelor in Visual Communication. I dabble within the fields of graphic design, motion graphics, illustration, photography and video.

I have been sliding on handrails with my inline-skates almost half my life, and because of that also very active in the rollerblading community in Scandinavia and regular contributer to, the Norwegian online rolling magazine. Also a lot of inspiration comes from the skating, and from always looking at my surroundings differently than the average person I guess. Seeing possibilities for tricks rather than f.ex. a set of stairs you can walk down.

I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid, because both my parents have some sort of artistic background and I was also addicted to comic-books. Later on in life, this mixed with my passion for rollerblading, and video and motion graphics became another natural progression.

Norges Rulleskøyteforbund

For my Bachelor exam in Visual Communication I created a Visual Profile for the newly started Norwegian Association for inline-skating. The project lasted from February until the middle of May. The exam project was self-initiated since I was fortunate enough to go to a school that let us choose our own projects. During this time I also worked closely with some friends to register the association properly and to create the statutes and elect a board.




The Listener
School project at Emily Carr University. Soundtrack by Solillaquists of Sound.


We are water
Personal project, summer 2010.


Olav Norheim – One minute, one spot
Filmed in NYC summer 2010 for Be-mag Rolling magazine.


Check out Jonas full portfolio and showreel of work

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