Just Fold It from Jordi Lopez Aguilo aka Kutarq

We were recently contacted by Kutarq to showcase this latest piece of work he has created he names ‘Just Fold it.‘ This piece of work is set to go live at Feria Habitat 2011 in Valencia. This room divider design is; easy to assemble/disassemble and by folding as compact the design is easy to store and transport. Here Jordi Talks to us a bit more about himself and the device itself.

About Kutarq; Kutarq is a multidisciplinary office that focuses on architecture and product design. It arises from the hand of Jordi López Aguiló, architect from Valencia who has worked and collaborate with several prestigious architectural firms. Each project is the result of a methodical process, in which tests and formal research have a very important role. In product design projects, there is a special interest in creating objects that interact with users and affect their mood, promoting the use of recycled materials and re-use culture.

About “Just Fold It;” is flexible, easy to assemble and disassemble, and the individual models fold compact making them convenient to store or transport. The length of the screen can be adjusted by adding or subtracting the number of modules. Perforations on the surface increase stability by counteracting wind resistance in addition to varying the porosity which creates a nice visual effect that varies depending on the angle and distance from which it is viewed.

You can check out Kutarq Online website and follow him @kutarq on twitter.