Tools for Efficient Web Development

Web development can be challenging without appropriate tools that can ease the development process. Initially, there were not much development tools available that could reduce the overall web development time. Nowadays, we can find a good number of industry standard open-source tools that have become an integral part of web development process. These tools help to produce quality code, reduce overall web-development time and eases debugging and testing of modules at various stages of development. Tools that aid the development process play a crucial role in reducing the time that takes to develop a module.

Here is a list of web development tools that can ease your development process and can help you create websites in a jiffy.

1) CSSTidy

If you are looking to get away from raw unformatted CSS code, then this tool is much more than that. This tool can parse a CSS code against the CSS standards and can fix errors, just like how a NetBeans editor does for Java code. It does not stop there. It also optimizes your CSS code that can reduce the overall file size. This tool can also format CSS code as per CSS standards. In addition to these features, it can remove redundant styles, which can improve the quality of your code. This tool is an open source application, so you can expect frequent revisions and additions of new features.

2) JavaScript code improver

There are not many tools available to clean up and format JavaScript source code. This tool is specifically meant to clean up and format a JavaScript source code. When you work in a large collaborative team with each one committing large amount of JavaScript code, this tool can be used to effectively format the code, which can improve code readability. This tool has a simple interface and functions effectively with no extra frills attached to it.

3) JavaScript Debugger

Be it any programming language, debugger is highly mandatory, especially when it comes to developing enterprise level web applications. This JavaScript debugger is a simple plugin that has all the standard debug features like code step-through, setting break points and inspecting variables. This plugin supports FireFox and Netscape browser.

4) Clean Ajax

Are you looking for ways to cut down the development time without reducing the quality of your code? Clean Ajax allows you to include design pattern based code into your Ajax applications and thus helps you to produce quality code in lesser time. This tool can be used with any server side technologies

5) Pingdom tool

This tool allows you to test the performance of your web pages. Testing every web page is very crucial as it can affect the overall performance of a website. The beauty of this product is it eases your work by displaying the load time taken by each component such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript , etc. Thus, you can determine the overall time taken to load a page and the total components that are required to render a web page. This tool can give better insight about the code, which you can use to optimize the code in a better way. Without such kind of visualization tools, a web developer would literally feel lost without knowing where to look for defects. Web development involves a mix of technologies and standards that certainly require tools like this to reduce the development and testing time.