21 Unique Poster Designs: Inspiration for Concerts and Gigs

Organizers know how important posters are in promoting an event. They spend time and money to make a unique design, one that could generate interest among potential guests.  In creating posters, different techniques may be employed to produce interesting outputs. Some use large pictures while others focus on plain text.

If you’re a newbie in poster design, don’t worry. You have all the time to improve. Plus, I have listed here some design techniques coupled with sample posters to give you an idea on how the process works. Enjoy!

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Invest in Compelling Pictures

Choose an image that would best represent or symbolize your event. Make it large enough to consume most of the space in your poster. This way, you can grab people’s attention and consequently get them to read on your event details.

Go with Creative Typography

How you arrange words can serve as the design itself. Conduct trials as to how best you can combine text. Check spacing, text alignment, and hierarchy of lines. Go online and research about different font styles. Look for sample designs which employed a wise typography, as such the case for the five samples below:

Combine Details to Make One Comprehensive Look

Use similar color shades to make the elements work together. Deliver one comprehensive message. Talk only about why guests should watch out for your show. Present information starting from the most important to the least, either from left to right or from top to bottom.

Keep it Simply Mysterious

Make the poster serve as a teaser. Use minimalist designs and focus more on event details. The very vagueness of your poster design can instill curiosity out of your target audience. This could give them a reason to see your show.

There’s no right or wrong technique in creating posters or with poster printing. You’ll do a great job as long as you can satisfy what your target audience are looking for. Happy poster making!