Giveaway: Win Business Cards with MOO

Giveaway: Win Christmas Cards with MOO CLOSED

MOO Giveaway Christmas Cards

Along with my own set of cards MOO has also kindly provided me with 3 X 25 Christmas Cards to giveaway.

Like with all MOO’s products using ‘printfinity’ you can personalise every card or pick from a wide range of templates!

A Little More About MOO

MOO was born out of a love of beautiful, high-quality print and design – they make designing and printing your own personalised products easy. Whether it’s business cards, stickers, postcards, labels, MiniCards, greeting cards, MOO do it all! You can either start with one of their designer templates or upload your own artwork to create truly unique and creative products.

Competition Prizes

Prizes: 3 x 25 MOO Christmas Cards

How to Win!

For a chance to win all you have to do is post a comment below with your idea for a unique Christmas card scene. We are looking for imaginative, inspiring and fun ideas!

Winners will be chosen from the comments below! Please enter a valid email address so we are able to contact you.


  1. One Entry per person to win.
  2. Three winners will be chosen at random from all the entries.
  3. Prize (for three winners) is 1x 25 MOO Christmas Cards.
  4. Competition opens 14th November 2011
  5. Competition closes 22nd November 2011 19:00 GMT
  6. Design Juices say is final on the giveaway.
  • Sarah @ pão e queijo

    I think Christmas cards with the text “Merry Christmas” or other text that outlines the shape of snowflakes would be cool!

  • Olya

    Christmas Card that makes you believe in miracles is the best one! I want to win a set :)

  • Julia

    A simple card with snowflakes that you can feel – embossing – and fluffy or glittery snow, so you can touch and feel the print. Just a snowy and wintery landscape on, because winter is not about celebrating Christmas and getting a lot of presents, it’s about enjoying the beauty of nature – like freezing coldness and shafts of sunlight. :)

  • Hannah Beth

    A bunch of bird silhouettes in evergreen trees, maybe with popcorn garland around them? :3

  • Jade Boylan

    ooh a big bunch of pretty christmas cookies on a little plate. cookies in all festive shapes and colours, sprinkled with icing sugar, snowflakes and candy canes all over the place. and festive tartan tablecloth too… :)

  • Moniquehasana

    I love the idea of an all American  family having Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Christmas Story, right!

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  • Stephane Duplessis

    A zoomed in version of Santa’s hat (tuque). In the area where you only see portions of the white trim and the remainder of the card would use rich red gradients and 
    nice textures. The message on the card, whether it is “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”, would appear to be part of Santa’s Hat, as if it was always there but we could not see it unless you looked at the hat from up close.  

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  • Littletinman

    A lanscape scene looking over the shoulder of a drifter musician and small dog looking over a snowy valley in the mountains. In the base of the valley is a small town glowing with life and warmth. The drifter’s body posture is giving of the vibe that he’s finally found home. 

  • Helgalumempouw

    simple Christmas card that have a picture of poor children enjoying open his first present… 

  • Anonymous

    I would go with a photo manipulation of a human figure standing before a seemingly endless field of Christmas trees with gifts under them with a gigantic Christmas reef and bells surrounded by twilight hanging in the distance.

    The concept is inspired by Unlimited Blade Works.

  • Sara

    If I made it , it would be a scene of …. 3 small children are sleeping in a bed and also a pet. There’s a Christmas tree and presents in the room. There’s a window which shows snowing outside.  Besides the bed there are 3 socks hanging and a very cheerful Santa is putting things in the socks so carefully trying not to wake the kinds. And it should be so very colourful with a “Merry Christmas” written somewhere like .. the bed sheet or the wall . or just randomly. :)

  • Anonymous

    R kelly dressed up like santa with solja boy on his lap