30 Fantastic Fantasy Illustrative Digital Art Forest Scenes

Brilliant illustrators know how to capture the magic of imagination or an exaggeration of reality to really appeal to the creativity in us all. Landscapes of woods and forests allow lots of room for an artistic touch, whether the design is for fantasy posters or a background for web design.

Digital illustration is often able to take a scene to even further heights with added textures, stunning effects, and beautiful lighting techniques. Not to downplay the beauty of hand-drawn illustrations or paintings, digital art has the versatility needed to make a scene stand out online as well as when printed on posters.

From the dark to the brilliant, grungy to ethereal — the following collection includes a little of every style in digital art of forests. Whether you are looking for a new background or inspiration for your own designs, these images all are 1280 at a minimum for hi-res viewing or downloading to use as an inspiring wallpaper for your PC.

Let us know what your favorites are and how these inspire your work!