Showcase of Inspiration: Illustrator Mark Thomas Lambert

Here we continue our showcase of inspiration series by profiling Illustrator Mark Thomas Lambert, getting in touch with us was proactive and we are happy to showcase some of his work. Recently a graduate from Lincoln, he has had some great experiences and has even been awarded for his work.

My name is Mark Thomas Lambert and I am a Illustrator who has recently Graduated from University of Lincoln studying Illustration. Whilst studying I won the YCN student awards 2011 for the Direct Line brief, this week will also be featured in the YCN student annual 2011/2012 which is released early in the new year. Whilst at University I focused mainly on Editorial work and started a project where I got a wide range of magazines from Your Dog to Mens Health, chose an article and created an editorial piece for the article. This was my final project whilst at University and was shown at my degree show.

Since Graduating I have been promoting and advertising my work and website, but after graduating I moved away from the editorial side to Illustration and started to focus on other parts and styles of illustration. Soon after graduating I started a small project of Line drawing on cities around the UK, but this was a short lived project and only created two pieces. One for Lincoln and one for Liverpool. After this I soon decided I wanted to focus more on the funny side of illustration and started creating a wide range of comics and cartoons, still to this date this is my main style and focus. As a side project I created a range of three posters based on colours and shapes, the project was spawned from a range of logos I created for friends and family. For now I still create comics and cartoons and other funny illustrations and in the near future I hope to open my own online store, in which I would sell my own t shirts with my own designs, posters, ect. All of my work for now can be found on on here you can find a range of blogs and my facebook fan page. I am also on twitter @markthomaslamb and I am always looking for people too promote and advertise me work.

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