Blank Plank: Collaboration of Street Culture and Art

Blank Plank is a collaboration between street culture and art. Blank Plank sifts through the wide array of talented artists, product designers, graphic designers, photographers, architects, fashion designers, musicians and all sorts of creative outsiders to find individuals who strive to be different. Each Season (4) artists are exclusively invited to create a limited edition artwork for Blank Plank.

Blank Plank takes pride in discovering and uncovering new and emerging talent and supporting those who continue to challenge the status quo in their discipline. With roots in skateboarding, art and design, Blank Plank has made it its goal to find talented people who are dedicated to educating the masses through visual propaganda.

This time around the project features work from Karim Rashid, Aaron Kraten & Matt Costa.

  • Alex Taylor

    Fabulous collection, fabulous artwork. 
    Good job Blank Plank. 

  • The Cyclery

    Nice decks. I think I became to old to board anymore once my 7yr old son got better than me. Hard to pick a fave but I think Fluke takes it. Wish we could zoom in a bit more so we could see the detail on Vanity

  • Anonymous

    Haha he’s just going to get better than you at everything though isn’t he? Such is life! But a good things to watch grow up im sure.