Custom Sticker Giveaway by Sticker Mule CLOSED

We’ve got an awesome giveaway today for everyone. Sticker Mule wants to give one reader $100 in store credit. If you have any need for custom stickers, the folks at Sticker Mule are good people to know. They make awesome custom die cut stickers, with a super easy ordering process. They’ll make your artwork print ready for free, and provide a free online proof with every order.

Check out their work:

To Enter: Just comment on this post, telling either;

  • What is your New Years Resolution for 2012 or,
  • Your opinion on the Design Juices re-design.

We’ll chose 1 winner at random.

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What you Win: $100 Store Credit at Sticker Mule

Contest Ends 20:00pm GMT on Monday 16th January 2012.

Good luck to everyone!!


  1. Don’t miss the Giveaway announcement via the Design Juices RSS Feed.
  2. Giveaway is open from Monday 9th January 2012.
  3. Giveaway closes at 20:00pm GMT on Monday 16th January 2012.
  4. To enter you must simply comment with your New years resolution or Comment about the Design Juices redesign.
  5. Tweets, Facebook mentions and Tumblr Posts aren’t mandatory.
  6. One entry per person, duplication of comments counts as a single entry.
  7. Winner recieves $100 Store Credit at Sicker Mule.
  8. Design Juices decision on rules and entries is final.
  • Anonymous

    anything in particular joanne? :)

  • Anonymous

    Like a BOSS

  • Anonymous

    Ahmen, almost anything can be an improvement on 2011 personally.

  • Anonymous

    vinyl toys seems to be the next thing after snapbacks right now.

  • Anonymous

    this year im
    hoping to learn a new hobby.

  • Chris Lynam

    My new year’s resolution is to expand our line and finally put together a decent look-book.  Here’s to 3x the gross in 2012! 

  • Tom Sparke

    My NY resolution is to check out more intruiging new creative sites like this one!

  • Richard Cahill

    My NY resolution is to finally get about to building a screen printing press to kick start my local t-shirt printing business. 

    PS: Love the new look of the site!

  • Joseph Baron

    I have a coule goals for my New Year’s Resolution. I definitely want to work revamp my portfolio site, create a site for my screenprinting business, work on more traditional art. I definitely want to create sports logos as well as work more t-shirt designs and custom typography. Those are a couple I have written down and plan on following through with.

  • Lloyd Harvey

    I think the website redesign is clean, clear and organised in a way that the cool content is easy to get to. I like the colour of the banner and the faint and subtle texture used. All in all, nice job.

    My NYR is to draw more for myself and create more personal work whilst, at the same time, do more client orientated work. I have already started to learn Flash Animation and by the end of the year, I hope to be at a level where I can animate shorts and post them up on the web.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all your comments the giveaway is closed!

  • Anonymous

    thanks lloyds, i’ll leave you to the flash learning not something I want to delve into again!

  • Anonymous

    always nice to revamp the old portfolio when we can, trust and wish you well completing them!

  • Anonymous

    love that richard, got some designs you know you want to start with?

  • Anonymous

    Want me to recommend a few?

  • Anonymous

    Haha agreed with that chris, always nice to see good lookbook shots!

  • Anonymous

    haha love it manz! Any in particular you tried and failed?

  • Anonymous

    And our winner for the Sticker Mule Giveaway is… @LockhartDesign Well done your name was first out of the random name generator!

  • Anonymous

    congrats on winning andrew! Look forward to getting your email to sort out your prize!

  • Andrew Lockhart

    Thanks!! Will do!