Lloyd Harvey Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Here we kick start our showcase of inspiration features with the amazing work of Lloyd Harvey, a monster obsessed illustrator and graphic designer. Aside from his love of creating incredibly intricate and detailed pieces of art involving monsters he has done a lot of work in the more commercial side of design. Outside of his A Levels, he is self motivated and feel that his career path and hard work has helped him more than education could. Here we hand over for Lloyd to tell us more about his work and how he has developed his skills as an illustrator and graphic designer.

“The problem is that I love to create and I love to create in a number of different styles and genres. I love painting personal pieces with acrylics and these works tend to focus on depictions of monsters and strange creatures.”

Why the monster obsession? “Well, having grown up on Sci-fi B Movies and monster films, loving comics, computer games and all things fantasy has had a lasting impression on me. I think this is also why I write my own fantasy stories and illustrate places and creatures from that world.”

In my professional work, I tend to warm to projects of that weird nature and have been lucky to be involved with some really cool things such as producing album artwork for a young drummer, illustrations for a short film and a logo for a commercial diver. Throughout 2011 (and still to this day), I spent a great deal of time producing icons, logos, user interfaces and conceptual work for a number of different games for a start up social gaming company called GameOdyssey. Much of that work can’t be shown publicly yet though but, recently, Vocabularious was launched on Facebook. I am responsible for 95% of game’s visual look and am so happy with how that has turned out.

I’m not formally educated in design or illustration. I did an A level in graphic design at college but, with respect to my tutors, I feel I have learned more since leaving structured education. I taught myself how to use Photoshop and as the years have gone by, I have tried to push my illustration skills and learn new programs. I still don’t really know the direction I want to head in with my art, or what sort of work I want to do in the future, but as long as I keep experimenting and creating, I think I’ll just enjoy the ride.


Bug Me Not

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The Laughing Caterpillar

Star Fighter

Thanks to Lloyd Harvey for making this showcase possible, follow him on his blogFacebook, @shrunken1985 on twitter and Tumblr.