Antonio Pio Saracino’s Exhibition: SECOND NATURE

Antonio Pio Saracino’s Exhibition SECOND NATURE: BOSI Contemporary Gallery – New York City

Antonio Pio Saracino is an Italian-born architect and designer, living and working in New York and Italy.  His exhibition, Second Nature,is now open and runs through March 4 at the BOSI Contemporary Gallery in New York City.  Second Nature derives its inspiration from as far back as Greek philosopher Aristotle and makes reference to objects that do not belong in nature but, through habitual use, these ‘foreign’ items become natural within the created human environment.

The unadulterated, natural world can fill us with awe and wonder and throughout history has inspired many leading thinkers to investigate and explore the parallel between nature and human design – the root of Antonio’s recent work.  In the spirit of this complex relationship, Second Nature intends to create an environment that unites the natural world with spirit and imagination and manifests itself through influential seating and furniture for a brave new world.  The exhibition will showcase 10 of Saracino’s unique creations.