Choosing Social Media Icons for your new Website

You’ve just designed your new site and want some great Social Media Icons to go with it. If you Google Social Media Icons you get so many results that it can take hours to trawl through every site to find something that’s just right. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to Icons; I want the best Icons I can find.

Choosing the right icons for the job can be difficult but it’s important to bear a few things in mind when you’re next redesigning your site.

  1. Icons help to give an impression of the site. Are you looking to make a big impact with your icons? Are your twitter, Facebook and YouTube links where people can find all your latest updates? If so then you need to make sure your icons reflect this. Big, bold and impressive icons will help direct users to where you want them to go. If you’re running a site where much of the content is on the actual site then it’s less important to make your icons stand out to direct people elsewhere; in some cases you may not even want a visitor to your site to visit your twitter, for example, as the twitter maybe designed to point people to your site.
  2. Size. When choosing icons it’s important to consider the impact the size of the icons will have on the design. Do you want huge icons that leap off the page? Remember that you can resize icons easily to change their impact; some icon sets do not resize well though, especially really complex ones. To give an example of size, the icons on are 48x48px; the size I tend to use across the board.
  3. Fit the icon to the theme. As with putting new furniture in your house, you need to make sure that your icons fit in with the theme of your website. Is your site grungy? Clean? Minimalist? Consider the theme of your site when looking around to find icons as you can find icons that fit every theme so it’s important to make sure that the icons that you pick fit in with the image you’re trying to portray. Remember, it’s easy to find icon sets that look amazing on their site but always bear in mind whether they’ll look amazing on your own site.
Finally, a good tip is if you come across some icons you like download them and archive them on your computer so you don’t have to traipse around Google to find the same icons again, (you could just save the links with a quick description).

As some help I’m going to present 3 of my favourite Social Media Icon Sets from across the web spanning a range of types.

Circle Social Media Icons

Available From:

The Circle Social Media Icons are probably my current favourite icons by far. Not only do they look pretty they are also very practical and can be used in many situations. What impressed me was the range of icons covered by such a quality icon set; every icon you’ll need is provided.

Page Peel Icons

Available From:

There are times when you need a different kind of icon that grabs attention, the Page Peel Icon Set does this well with each icon making itself look like the layer of the website has been peeled away to uncover the icon. It’s a unique concept that works really well  if used correctly. Probably not the best icon set to use on a high end commercial site but very useful on a personal or blog website.

Peeling Stickers

Available From:

Grunge is a big theme amongst the design community. My favourite grunge icons are these beautifully designed Grunge Peeling Stickers. If you’re looking for something a bit different to fit in with a Grunge theme then this is the icon set for you.

What are your favourite Icon Sets? Which ones do you use?