Future Design Thinking: The hidden treasure of excellence.


This is the fourth article in the “I’m on a boat!” series.

Last time we discussed how the world is an ocean, and our only way of floating in business of Graphic Design is by using the Elements and Principles of Design which are these:
(Note: Some of these vary depending on your country of origin)

Line, Shape, Direction, Size, Texture, Color and Value

Balance, Gradation, Repetition, Contrast, Harmony, Dominance, and Unity

We then rushed through the gauntlet of woes and frustration that every designer must face, and are standing in front of the treasure. The prized possession that every designer wishes to have but few attain.

You head closer to the great treasure, your heart pounding and palms sweating as you reach out for it’s old, sturdy lock.

You place the key inside of the ancient lock and turn, hearing a click. You’ve done it. The key of wisdom and patience has unlocked the final reward, the great think that every designer has aspired for but few have accomplished.

You’ve found the treasure of excellence. 

Passing the storms, the frustration, and trodding through what seemed to be an infinite gauntlet, you have through wisdom and patience and by applying the Elements and Principles of Design, have achieved Excellence.

Excellence and perfection are neither brothers nor friends. Perfection states that all things must be perfect and absolutely just-so for there to be victory. This usually is impossible because no designer has infinite time or money on any project.

But Excellence is the great treasure. It ensures victory every time. Excellence is doing the best you can with what you have. It’s a difficult challenge, but even though the end product of an assignment or project may not be the way we wish, we are satisfied by knowing we did out best, and will learn from out mistakes.

Nothing in nature is instant, save for destruction and catastrophe. Caterpillars must spin a cocoon to become a butterfly, tadpoles must become frogs. Even water changes from its journey around the ocean, clouds and rain. Each animal must go through transformation to achieve a better form, a better state. The scary Rhinoceros  must first start as a baby whose horn is just a bump, and the fierce Jaguar a kitten defenseless.

The treasure you now hold in your hands is beautiful, and changes with each passing moment. You bring the treasure with you, and as you leave the cave, you suddenly notice that you are surrounded by Pirates, grinning toothless grins and with faces marred, whose eyes stare at your prize with all envy and jealousy.

To be continued!