Showcase of Inspiration: Illustrator David Andrews

Today we bring to you and showcase the work of David Andrews, a feature which has been long in the works on the site and I’m extremly glad to make it finally possible. Here I will hand over to David to let us know more about his work, experiences and plans for the future.

My name is David Andrews and I’m a freelance illustrator hailing from Chester and currently working in London. I graduated with a degree in Illustration from Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall a few years ago, and have since worked on a variety of projects including pieces for Nursing Times, The Exeter Flying Post and Josef Weinberger Ltd publishers.

The style I use mainly today is the one you see here, with illustrations created using a fairly equal mix of hand-made and digital collage. I’m strongly influenced by a variety of early twentieth-century art, but also by the desire to pare images down to their bare essentials. This combination can lead to a few headaches, since traditionally the Art Deco style (which I turn to a lot) is decorative rather than minimalist!

In between commissions I’ve been known create lino prints, pen and ink caricatures and even the odd theatre costume. I’m a fairly personable chap, so feel free to drop me an email with any old thing and I’ll get back to you. Commissions welcome.

Check out the work of David Andrews at reddavebatcave, over on Facebook and @reddavebatcave on twitter.