Graphic Designer Showcase Andy Valde of Rockvibe Productions

Here we showcase the works and designs of the inspirational and creative mind Andy Valde who works under the banner of Rockvibe Productions.

Andy graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg in 2011 with a BFA in Graphic Design. The beginnings of his love for design stems all the way back to his junior year of high school ‘s art class. A buddy of Andy’s decided to create a freelance design company to see if we could make some money. They worked with a variety of different clients right from the start. This being to increase their motivation and they were given extra credit in our art class for proving they could work with real clients. As time went on, Andy began to take over most of the clients. Eventually, Rockvibe Productions become his freelance company. Ever since, I have been developing my style and work ethic into what it is today.

Andy describe’s his biggest inspiration and motivation is the very talented Chuck Anderson as well as Taylor David. Not only are their styles and artwork inspiring, but also their work ethic and determination is really motivating. The images that he has displayed for you are a wide variety and “I feel like in today’s design world a designer’s best friend is being diverse. Being able to bounce between a very corporate, clean, look and a stylized look have treated me very well with clients over the past 5 years.”

What does Andy Have planned for 2012? For 2012 everything has gone according to plan. To start, I wanted to gain corporate experience as well as working on other projects as well. I was allowed to do this by joining Stone Soup 3 ( Since my start date, I have been working on a variety of projects with clients ranging from Fortune 500 to neighborhood companies. This all has been excellent experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be working with. At the same time, I am taking on freelance projects through Rockvibe Productions ( I know it’s a lot on my plate, but this is what I love to do and I couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2012.

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