Faces MCR coming 8th May at Kraak Gallery

F A C E S mcr is a project starting with an event at Kraak gallery on the 8th of May and culminating with an installation around the windows of the northern quarter. Our aim: to get the people of Manchester to connect and draw the creative potential out of the city.

The human brain is hard wired to recognise FACES. The event exists to connect the people behind the faces, recording them through photography, film and other art forms; turning them into an immediate, interactive live installation. The people behind the faces behind Manchester will also be displayed around the northern quarter breathing life into the city.

We have invited Bands: Voodoo Vultures, Black Lights and Coupe de Ville; Artists: AO crew (street artists), Haimer Atkins (film artists), Calum Crawford (sculptor), Harris Gillespie (photographer) and Kate Willson (fine art); and Djs, DIPSTICK Residents, SION, 5eighty6 (Limbo, MCR), Doodle Residents to come along and inject some of their creativity.

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