Freelance Illustrator and Fine Artist Quaker Ninja

Quaker Ninja is know around the web as being a freelance illustrator who has often specialized in t-shirt design. But he also has a growing passion and talent for fine art. His latest projects being a series of lino-cuts, printed on crescent cold press 100 illustration board.

“What I have currently is just a small part of a larger project I did last year for art house co-op, I embarked to complete a sketchbook a month. While I fell short of my goal I was able to finish quite a few books, and learned how to generate a fairly large body of sketches in a relatively short amount of time.”

Newman takes his inspiration by line art ink drawings, having spent most of his days with a pen rather then a pencil. “There is no undo button on a pen, so I’ve learned over the years a careful balancing act of clever planning for how lines are constructed and put together, and a bold just go for it approach.”

I don’t always succeed in the exact result I am going for, but I love the learning experience.

Poly directional abstract skull portrait. India Ink and sharpie. Visual illusion allows for the image to be presented right side up or upside down, so it’s like getting two pieces of art in one.

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