GIFU Lamps at Milan Furniture Fair 2012

This family of lamps GIFU has been designed by María del Pilar Velasco and Pau Stephens, and is to be shown at the Milan Furniture Fair 2012. The lamps are made of wood and inspired by the fauna from the Savannah. The designers, who work in Madrid, will be presenting them at the stand of IED at Salone Satellite.

What is GIFU? Like a family in which a mother cares for her children, family GIFU is integrated by several lamps of different sizes, the users can create their own clan. Each lamp is made of 5 pieces of beech wood of two sizes, forming the four legs and long neck. GIFU is an articulated lamp, that allows it to be placed in different positions and can be folded away.

Who are the designers? The designers Maria del Pilar Velasco (Ecuador) and Pau Stephens (Mexico) met each other in the mayor of product design at IED Madrid, which becomes the nexus between these two points of view of the design. Together they have made a number of projects through selfproduction and traditional crafts.