Illustrator Showcase Liam Bardsley

Here we share and showcase the work of Liam Bardsley, a growing illustrator who is based out of Manchester here in the UK. Combining both the hand drawn and digital artwork Liam has a defined style and describes his inspirations as Abram Games and Paul Rand. You may recognise some of his work from appearing in Design Week, here we hand over to Liam to tell us more about himself.

“I studied a BA Hons degree in Illustration between 2006-2009 at Stockport College. I am at present a Manchester based freelance Illustrator and soon to be a newly qualified teacher of Art. My Illustration combines hand drawn elements combined with digital in a bold graphic style.

I am inspired by Abram Games posters and his ‘maximum meaning minimum means’ adage. I am also influenced by Paul Rand liking the charm of his work. I have always enjoyed art from a young age and am delighted to be pursuing a career in this area. I visit galleries regularly for inspiration and like to keep a breast of the latest happenings within the arts through reading and meeting with other practitioners. Outside of the arts I am a keen badminton player and have plans to take up running!”

In tune with reality

“I am passionate about Illustration seeing it as a visual system of communication, putting my own emphasis on clarity of communication. The way an image works with the viewer I find fascinating and am constantly striving to develop new approaches to image making.

I am proud of my work for the publication Design Week Illustrating the Private View section responding to design articles from some big names in the industry. Over the year and three months that I was one of the regular Illustrators challenged me to respond to a variety of issues using different approaches. Other favourite projects include a self initiated project on Manners and Etiquette – my image ‘Office Party’ being the pinnacle of it. My intention was to take a seemingly old fashioned theme and bring it into the 21st Century.”

Lost in translation

My plans for 2012 and the future are to further pursue editorial commissions, I currently have Management Today, Design Week, Financial Times and Reader’s Digest on my client list – there’s room for a lot more! Aside from that my intentions are to be taken on by an Illustration agency, break into advertising and work as a teacher.

Setting the tone

One big mess

Plumbing the depth

Office Party

Follow Liam’s work on his Website, Blog, Portfolio on Behance and @liambardsley on Twitter.