Playing Card Series from Graphic Designer Naomi Roberts

Here today we extend our hand out to showcase and feature the work of Naomi Roberts, her graphic design work instantly grabbed my attention and I’m sure you all will be just as inspired as I am. Here we hand over to Naomi to talk to us more about her career, skills and influences of her work.

My art is heavily inspired by music culture, band graphics, typography and lyrics; my background in both graphic design and textile design means I tend to utilise a mixed media style. The Playing Card Series use digital art, pen, ink, gold leaf and collage in order to try to convey the emotion and energy of live music performances.

The digital art is controlled and ordered with detailed patterns in the playing card background. These often take inspiration from the artist that the canvas is based around. I use this inspiration to draw an image that I feels is in keeping with either the feel of the canvas as a whole or with the artist featured in it. For example my Jack of Hearts features the band Bo Ningen. They are a kind of Psychedelic, spacey, rock, metal band… I saw them at Offset Festival and they have a great live presence; leaping around the stage. They reminded me of birds, fierce yet delicate and flighty – thus the bird of prey collage imagery and the softer humming bird illustration used as the background pattern.

The collage lets the playing card take a different shape and allows for more spontaneity. Collage material is sourced if I have a particular theme in mind but much of it comes from random findings – an important aspect in the playing cards is the element of fate that lets them finally take shape. In my mind It is only when the collage is starting to be added to the canvas that it really begins to take on its own character. Words and phrases begin to gel and take on another meaning and another context. It is with careful placement that the final composition is completed.

The gold leaf is the finishing touch, it adds another dimension to the playing cards – that untouchable glamour that rock and roll sells. It catches the light and is both beautiful and distressed, adding a subtle allure and aged element to the pieces.

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