Illustrator and Designer Katie Chappell

Today we share with you all the work of Katie Chappell aka @katiedraws, whom I was recently happy to connect with on Twitter. Coming from Newcastle upon tyne she has just left university and in my opinion has a flourishing future ahead with a growing expansion of skills and eye for detail in her work.

I’m an illustrator and designer living in Newcastle upon Tyne with a cat (Pooki) and a boy (Jay). I’ve just finished university, and will have a degree in illustration & design when it’s all over on the 9th of July. I also have a foundation degree in animation from back in the day. (Not really ‘back in the day’ we’re talking 2010.)

I’m inspired by most things… but there’s nowt much more inspirational than sitting down to a tidy desk with a hot cup of tea. I love people watching. People inspire me because they are daft, children inspire me even more because they are the daftest. I have always loved the work of Quentin Blake and Mabel Lucie Atwell. I was brought up looking at their illustrations and they inspired me a lot

Projects-wise I’ve just finished my final major project for uni. I created an illustrated guide to craft markets in Newcastle upon Tyne. The guide tells people where the craft markets are, what time, where the local metro stations are etc. I’ve had a really positive response to them and have been selling them at craft markets. I’m currently working on a travel journal for Red Cherry publishing and an amusing book about breastfeeding for ‘The Alpha Parent’ (parenting blogger). Both are going to be published around Christmas time this year…

My plans for 2013 and beyond? I’m not really sure! I start a 3 month placement at a digital marketing agency in July and I hope that i’ll be able to stay on working there whilst freelancing a little bit in my spare time. Failing that I’ll be going freelance full time! Fingers crossed. Whatever happens i’m sure it’ll all be ok. I would like to go traveling in 2013 – being at uni has meant that i’ve been to skint and too busy to get anywhere further than Scotland on holiday. Depressing!

Find Katie on her Website, Facebook and @katiedraws on Twitter.