Freelance Designer, Illustrator and Paper Sculptor Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall comes from North Wales in the UK, a paper sculptor he has a background of just completing an illustrative degree in 2010. But his work also extends further in 3D model making and he has had experience working at Lego, tiger print and Attitude to name but a few.

I’m a 38 year old freelance designer living for the time being in north Wales, I left Glyndwr north Wales school of art and design in 2010 after completing a 3 year illustration degree where I really spent 3 years on my 3D model making skills rather than actual illustration ha-ha. When leaving uni I wanted to just basically get myself out there and get my work known, giving myself a couple years in doing so until my next plan of action of going for an MA.

Since leaving uni I have had many brilliant opportunity’s such as a interview/workshop at Lego Denmark, placement at tiger print designing transformer products, Attitude magazine Ad campaign for stoke on Trent community health services to working on film sets as art directors assistants. I have also had my own exhibitions and shown work alongside other artists around the uk and Wales from London, Leeds, Cardiff and around north Wales to having work permantly on show in a star wars museum Rancho obi wan in California.

Paper sculpture is something I only started doing in my 2nd year of uni, as an illustrator I like to see my work come off the page and to actually hold the 2D drawing, and I enjoy working in a medium that gives you the ability to create what ever you want from just using a sheet of paper or card and see that flat sheet become an object or character is breathtaking.

The paper toys I create are only done from a simple template design that looks like a figure, its what I do with the template after, I don’t use computers in any of my designs, im not a fan of working digitally with my work unless I have to or if I feel it needs it, so various pieces of the model are cut out and measured by hand such as hair to fit the head piece and eyes are cut round from a shape designed to fit all the models and again built upon with the whites and eyeballs cut from card and given different expressions to suit what ever character that it is to become and again there clothes also measured and cut and then stuck onto the figure, for my paper toys I wanted a more “real” feel to the models with them not just being straight up flat in features print outs , I make them in a way that they are cardboard action figures with more attention and feel to detail by using various different colored card layered and built up to look 3D in there design and giving them a fun look.

Im massively influenced and inspired by other artists and there work, and enjoy seeing what can be pushed working with this medium and how far other artists take it also, creating something with such a simple piece of card or paper.
I’m also massively influenced by toys, and have been to this day even now, being quite possibly one of the biggest kids on the planet im influenced from comic books, film animation and TV, I was building planets and sets for my masters of the universe and star wars action figures from an early age and seeing that it has now has taken me into my work I do is such fun a joy to create.

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