Showcase of Graphic Design and Photography of Elaine Li

Elaine Li is a recent graduate based out of Chicago, but has also spent time in Australia and originally was born and raised in Hong Kong. I really love her fashion photography, but she has some brilliant graphic design and visual communication work.

My name is Elaine and I recently graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). I was born and raised in Hong Kong, spent two years in Melbourne, Australia and have been in Chicago since 2009. My background is in visual communication (graphic design), and I do a lot of my own photography work and independent projects. I’m influenced by things in everyday life, interaction between people, and good design and advertisements.

I am currently freelancing, working on projects for start ups, ad agencies, fashion portfolio books. I love working with people, and hearing new ideas for potential collaboration. So hit me up! 🙂

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