moogiveaway Business Cards Giveaway CLOSED

We’ve got some great news! The generous folks at printers MOO.COM are offering some free Business Cards products to our lucky readers in a fantastic giveaway. We have 3 sets of 100 of MOO’s Business Cards up for grabs!

In case you’ve not come across MOO before, they are business card printing specialists, and also print postcards, stickers, greeting cards, labels and much, much more.

Who Are MOO?


MOO was born out of a passion of beautiful, high-quality print and design – they make creating and printing your own unique products so simple. You can either upload your own artwork and designs, or choose a business card template and personalise from there.

MOO also offers their unique ‘Printfinity’ technology which allows customers to print a different image on each card, at no extra cost! 

Giveaway Prizes

3 sets of 100 Classic Business Cards for 3 separate winners. 

How To Win!

To win one of the MOO prizes, all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us what you would use your business cards for?

Be fun, creative and unique! The winners will be selected from the comments below.

Please remember to enter a valid email address so we can send you your free stuff.

  • Giveaway Runs from Thursday 2nd August – Friday 9th August 19:00 GMT
  • Vilmos Ioo

    I love Moo and used their services a couple of years back. As a freelancer, business cards are essential for networking and I’m afraid mine are very outdated. Would love to get some. :)

  • TeeGazette

    I recently just purchased some mini cards from Moo and was blown away by their quality and attention to detail/branding. Very impressed by this company!

    I’d like to get some business cards made up for my indie t-shirt brand @saucewear:twitter , and I’d love to be able to compliment my mini-cards with standard size business cards!

    Thanks to Moo and & Design Juices for this great giveaway! :)

  • etiennerichard

    I am quite a new freelancer, free MOO cards would definitively help me expand my business horizons. Plus, it’s not only because these are free cards, MOO does deliver very nice quality in his service. Hope I’ll win (crossed fingers)!

  • Trevor Nowalk

    I’m getting ready to launch a new marketing campaign for my freelance web design business and new business cards would be great!

  • shoogle designs

    Not entirely sure but it should around the “80 cards for prospects, 4 for wobbly tables, 7 for book bookmarking, 3 for confetti, 6 for the kids to play with” lines. :)

  • melissaderoeck

    I would use this great gift for a typographical experiment. Not sure what I’d do yet, it’ll be a challenge to myself if I win :) I’d of course also use them as business cards for my freelance business – double use, saved a tree! The experiment would then obviously be shared with both DesignJuices & Moo 😉

  • evil_twin_81

    I’m trapped down a well and nobody knows I’m here. I think some business cards would really help to make people aware of my location and hopefully I will get to see daylight again soon! 

  • Matt Taylor

    I would use them to showcase a new experimental typeface I’ve been working on. One letter per card.

  • PML

    To make a cape, a cape of Moo Cards.

  • Hayley

    I would use them as Batman uses batarangs, and become a business card wielding super hero. 

  • Instasparkle

    I recently launched I would love to create a mini lookbook to show case my jewelry. Because each card would be different I’d have the opportunity to customize them based on different themes.

  • Nudger

    I’d like to teach the world to sing

  • erica root

    It would give me that 2nd chance to start the career I’ve always dreamed of – freelance illustrator. I could actually have the courage to jump out there and do it with some sharp new cards! This could be my Devine intervention!

  • Prayag Verma

    With these awesome Buisness Cards from I will be able to WOO my potential clients , BOO my regular competitors and also COO for DesignJuices for letting me have them :)

  • Superlucky Di

    I’ve written a blog for 3 years offering advice on how to win prizes in competitions, and yet I still haven’t got round to getting any decent business cards done! Mine would simply say:

    Di Coke,

    And naturally, winning them in a competition would be PERFECT! :)

  • Francois

    Would love to win this. I need to print thank you card for my new baby born and I would love to include a card with a different picture for each person. Moo is the perfect service for that !!

  • Natasha Nuttall

    I would use them to help me make a good impression & avoid any more confusion about the spelling of my blog (Graphique Fantastique)

  • Melanie Chadwick ✰

    Obviously you should really give them to the guy trapped down the well, but if he’s managed to get out or be rescued by other competitions then I would love to use them as labels for my limited edition Christmas Plush Decorations. If they go down well then I’ll more than likely be using them again! 

  • Joseph

    I would get my freelance career of to a start. Hopefully bring in some clients and let people know about the services I offer :)

  • evil_twin_81

    So who won? I’m still stuck down this well!

  • robbie martinez

    Nooo, I’m too late.