Freelance Illustrator Ed J Brown

Here we share another magnificent illustrators work, for me the hand drawn element of a skilled illustrator such as Ed J Brown often puts them a step ahead of many designers who work exclusively in digital.

Ed J Brown is a freelance illustrator, part time painter and full time worrier living in Manchester. He studied at Southampton and was taken by the process of silk screen printing, the limited colour, the immediacy of its reproduction and the tactile nature of it all really drew him in. Problem is that post university it’s not that easy to gain access to screen printing facilities! So he had to formulate a way of working that would turn his analogue ink drawings into digital whilst still retaining the ideas of silk screen that he liked so much. This is now done with a combination of layers using scanned in textures and papers , it’s not quite silk screen any more, but he is happy.

Right now, Ed is working on a series of works entitled “God’s and Monsters”: “Making my way through the alphabet I am trying to create my own bestiary of mostly monsters and sometimes gods that at least in England are lesser known. The fun in this is taking the civilization the creature stems from and trying to incorporate a sense of that identity. So for the letter “I”, the “Iku-Turso” is a Finnish sea monster and god of war. The nearest people of its origin I could find were the “Sami” people, who adorned their clothes with all these amazing patterns and colours, so from there its a job of taking the aspects I like and including it in the image. I think it really helps to place the creature and ground each one within it’s society rather than them all just being a collection of monsters.” Right now, Ed is also working on a few exhibitions in London and Manchester as well as client based work with Nestle, Worn Fashion Journal Toronto, and AMMO Magazine UK.

Ed is influenced a lot by process and smaller details of peoples work, the way people draw water, plants, type, hats, anything really! There’s a lot of great work out there.

Follow Ed J Brown on his Website, Tumblr, Society6 store and @edjulianbrown on twitter.