Graphic Designer Mark Jones

Today we hand over to Mark Jones a recent graduate of the Cambridge School of Art, Mark is going to introduce his work which includes skill in typography, graphic design, print & more.

I am a Freelance Graphic Designer specialising in the disciplines of Typography, Print, Editorial and Brand; all of which were a huge part of my course whilst at University. Recently I Graduated from Cambridge School of Art with a First Class Honours in Graphic Design and have been doing internships, self initiated and freelance work ever since. Web and Digital design are also of interest to me at the moment. Through the process of doing things such as editing code on my website I have learnt more about HTML and CSS although I know there is much more to it than that.

I hope to continue doing internships & working in studios because I enjoy being in a studio environment with like minded people that care about design. This and doing freelance projects helps me continue learning, which I will hopefully never stop doing. At University a few pears and I tried to emulate the studio environment, going into the Uni studio every day. We pushed each other to get the best out of our work, a slight jealousy if someone had some truly amazing work also helped as well as being taught by some amazing lecturers.

Through the process of doing internships – learning more about business and design in a studio – along with the skills I have acquired from my degree I am starting to build a client base of my own. I have two potential jobs starting soon but am always keen to hear about great opportunities and projects; Creating great design for great clients, irrespective of their size.

Follow Makr on his Portfolio, CargoCollective, and Twitter @Im_Mark_Jones.

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