Photography Showcase Simon Clare

Today we share the work of Simon Clare, a photographer who has just completed his degree down at Plymouth College of Art.

Having just finished my degree at Plymouth College of Art, I am now looking forward to getting on with new projects and exploring the photographic workplace.

These series of photographs shown shows the traditional, clichéd and stereotypical view of what is seen as British. In the first half of an ongoing series I looked at the south of Britain by traveling around areas of England and Wales, visiting cities, towns and villages. In my next series I will be photographing the north of Britain and the comparison between this and the south will be fascinating.

The photographs are presented in a well thought out and beautifully crafted book that was inspired by Simon Roberts book We English. The photographs stand out on their own, although together they show a strong sense of nostalgia that every British person can relate to. The title of the project ‘British Prospects’ is inspired by the work of Joel Sternfeld’s ‘American Prospects’ and Frederic Lezmi’s ‘Arabian Prospects’ that each show old traditions merging with modern times. From the beginning to the end of the book you can see these old traditions that flow into the new stereotypes that are associated with Britishness.

With the Jubilee and Olympics this is the perfect book to celebrate what makes up this great country. Photographs in many places around the south and you really get the sense of ‘I want to visit that place’ or ‘I remember going there’ which adds to the sense of nostalgia that you get when going through the book.

Find more of Simon Clare and his work on his Website, Flickr and @sclarephoto on twitter.