Pledge your support to the Twin Serpents on Kickstarter

Twin Serpents is an indie clothing line that focuses on highly illustrated art. Run by two brothers they are embarking on a Kickstarter campaign to reboot their brand and bring along their name change. I’ve long since been a fan of the brand and it would be great it we could all help this crowdfunding campaign.

With 19 different awards available to you, why not make sure you get one or more of the new t-shirts coming out guaranteed. They also have some other fun reward packs for donations big and small.

It is run by two brothers who love art, snakes, and legendary myths from ancient civilizations. We’ve been running TwinSrpnt since mid 2009 but we ran into a big problem we never even thought of, TwinSrpnt, the name of our current line,  is hard to read or pronounce if you don’t know that “Srpnt” stands for Serpents. (Twin Srpnt = Twin Serpents) We’ve had people interpret it as: Twin Spit, Twin Spirit, Twin Sprint….etc. We decided to re-brand by adding the vowels and by bringing six new designs into the mix.

We’re asking your help and support to bring these new designs into the newly redeveloped site and brand.

ANDROMEDA: We’re huge Gustave Dore fans and this depiction was inspired by his legendary painting. Andromeda was chained to a rock and left there to be eaten by the infamous Kraken. Luckily, Perseus killed the monster and set her free.

RED HEAVEN: Snakes are associated with good and evil and that is why we decided to illustrate a fight between the two most powerful forces from each side of the spectrum. When Angels and Demons collide, the heavens turn red.

THE STYX: Legend says that once you die, you either go to heaven or hell. In order to be judged, you need to cross the River Styx. If you have a silver coin, you can pay Charon and he’ll help you get across. We wanted to get a feel of both worlds, a paradisiac land and a hellish one.

JOIN OR DIE: Benjamin Franklin’s cartoon “Join or Die” through the eyes of the Twin Serpents Team. Join the ride!

Please take a minute to take a look at the campaign and if you like what you see, make a pledge. Thank you!

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