murder mile giveaway

Giveaway: Murder Mile Silkscreen Art Print by Pure Evil with Art Republic

Today we are offering all of you the chance to win a modern art print ‘Murder Mile’ (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 150) By artist Pure Evil, thanks in kind to artrepublic art prints.

How do I Enter?

  • Scroll down and leave a comment below this post telling us one person who is ‘Pure evil.’
  • Your entries will be accepted up until 21:00 on the 31st October 2012.
  • The winner will be picked at random on Thursday the 1st November 2012.

Who is Pure Evil?

“Heavily inspired by skateboard culture and west coast graffiti artists such as Twist and Reminisce, Pure Evil’s enthusiasm for street art evolved and he returned to London after a 10 year stay in California. His passion within the urban art culture saw him picking up a spray can and start painting fanged bunny rabbits everywhere. He developed a distinctive style, his artistic vision of darkness on an unsuspecting world continued aiding the creation of new works.”

Who is artrepublic?

artrepublic is an art dealer and gallery based in London and Brighton. artrepublic is celebrating its 20th anniversary on the art scene, known for selling limited edition art prints and originals from some of the world’s leading street, pop and modern artists. As part of the Art Council’s Own Art scheme, artrepublic customers can borrow between £100 and £2,000, interest free, towards an art purchase. Spreading the payments over 10 months, the scheme makes art more affordable for buyers.


  1. Giveaway is only open UK residents (as per request of Art Republic)
  2. You must leave a comment below with an email address we can contact you on otherwise your entry is void.
  3. Entries open until 31st October 21:00 GMT
  4. Winner will be chosen and notified on 1st November.
  5. Design Juices decision is final in all matters.
  • harlequinstudio

    My wife is pure evil for jumping out on me repeatedly, even though i have a heart condition.

  • laneylost

    Delphine LaLauriewas a sadistic and evil socialite . Her home was a torture chamber & In 1834 a fire broke out in her mansion’s kitchen, The firefighters that attended the blaze found two men chained to the cooker. They had started the fire themselves, to attract some attention. The firefighters went through the rest of her mansion and in the attic the firefighters found. Over a dozen disfigured and maimed people who were chained up. Some had been the subjects of gruesome medical experiments. One man appeared to be part way through a home preformed sex change, a woman was trapped in a small cage with broken arms and legs then reset to look like a crab, and another woman with arms and legs removed, with patches of her flesh sliced off in a circular Patton to look like a caterpillar. Some had, had their mouths sewn shut, and then starved to death, while others had their hands sewn to different parts of their bodies. Most were dead, but some were alive but begging to die, to release them from the pain. LaLaurie disappeared before she could be caught. In my opinion she was the most evil person in the world ever as she spent her time on her victims and drove them to the point of insanity, agony and beyond

  • designjuices

    Laney you win the longest comment we’ve ever got on the blog haha

  • designjuices

    Oh dear, that is pretty evil right there.

  • Tony Hodgkinson

    wooo that Delphine chick does sound pretty nasty, kinda makes you think the Human Centipede isn’t too far from the truth eh?

    My vote for pure evil is Emperor Palpatine, I mean, come on, for years he duped and talked his way into power before unleashing everything when he got there! He was so evil it affected the way he looked. That’s seriously messed up!

  • designjuices

    haha tony, did not think we would have a star wars reference for the giveaway! But your right, he definitely was an evil cookie. Though vader was surely more evil?

  • Tony Hodgkinson

    Nah Vader is a victim of circumstance, and is surely not pure evil as he redeems himself before death and brings harmony to the Force. There was no redemption for Palpatine. Plumbing my geek history here lol

  • designjuices

    haha you make a very good case in defending vader, im impressed

  • Andrea MacDonald

    Regina George, from Mean Girls. “Don’t be fooled because she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag, but in reality, she’s so much more than that.”