Showcase of the Illustrative Work of Emily Rose Lambert

A student of Loughborough University Emily Rose Lambert is an emerging Illustrator with all the quality of many established illustrators. Emily’s work often retains a hand crafted aesthetic and style whilst also taking advantage of the modern technologies and software through Photoshop.

I’m a student at Loughborough University just about to start my third and final year studying BA (Hons) Illustration. My work is often inspired by my love of animals and nature, surface texture, colour and pattern. I specialise in print based and mixed media techniques combined with digital elements to create colourful, quirky illustrations. I draw influence from illustrators such as Reg Cartwright and Oliver Jeffers (with their simple and fun character designs and compositions) and artists like Anselm Kiefer who first inspired my love of all things textured!

Although my final artwork is most often arranged and edited in Photoshop, I like my work to retain a ‘hand crafted’ aesthetic and spend a lot of time creating prints and textures to scan in and use in my final artwork. I use a combination of printing, painting, drawing and sometimes parts of photographs to layer up and create the desired surfaces for my illustrations. I love experimenting with colour and compositions and working digitally means I can play with different colour schemes and variations for my images with ease. This also means I’ve become a bit of a tweak-a-holic when editing my work and always end up with lots of different versions of my final design to choose from!

In my recent university project work I have been experimenting with narrative illustration, something I’m eager to develop – especially after recently purchasing ‘The New Ghost’ by Robert Hunter and ‘Rise and Fall’ by Micah Lidberg. Both are inspiring illustrators who have superb colour palettes and use of design throughout their work and their books are exquisite. Over the summer I’ve also discovered a love for pattern making and would like to eventually have these printed on paper or fabric to create sellable craft items.

I’m currently working on developing my portfolio, which means lots of self directed pattern and character designing whilst entering some competitions along the way to help get my work out into the world. I won the commended prize for last year’s university Christmas card competition, which I hope to enter again this December.

After illustrating for the university ‘Label’ magazine last year, I’m eager to continue this coming year, with one issue already being published for freshers week featuring one of my illustrations. I’m also doodling away in my sketchbook, thinking of fun projects to set myself in the coming university year which (fingers crossed!) will be be successful.

My style is always developing as I learn new and exciting digital techniques and different ways I can incorporate texture and pattern into my illustrations. I hope in the near future to transfer these skills from university project work into a commercial environment, working in freelance card design, editorial and book illustration. I would love to have a children’s book published one day!

If you have any questions, commission/collaboration requests or just wish to offer feedback on my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m looking for freelance/commissioned work and any ‘in-house’ work shadowing or work experience opportunities within the illustration/design industry, so please feel free to get in touch.

Follow more of Emily Rose Illustration on her Website, Blog, Tumblr & @DooferTree on twitter.