Graphic Artist Russ Mills aka Byroglyphics

Russ Mills was still back at art school when I was in primary, so its a tip of the hat to a very experienced graphic artist. He first studied at both Leeds Met and Nothbrook college in West Sussex, at university he completed his BA in Graphic Art and Design, before specialising in Experimental Film and Animation. I found his work over on Behance, where you can find a whole host of great creatives.

He then went onto spending almost 20 years crafting his skills, absorbing influences from every facet of visual culture and archiving found objects and ephemera to substantiate his work. Russ has worked as a freelance illustrator with numerous clients in publishing and entertainment, more recently pursuing the more traditional gallery/exhibitive path with solo shows in London and Bristol and group exhibits in the United States.

My work occupies an inter-dimensional space, never entirely seated in reality. I attempt to tackle the isolation, insignificance and fear that each day delivers by channeling that negative energy into something useful that others may find engaging.

Combining a lifelong passion for mark-making and a wish to explore new territory via digital media, the work is only just beginning to scratch the surface. Reference to the human form is obvious, often placed in bleak settings figures dance or fly in impossible ways, always looking hopefully to somewhere beyond the horizon. The mix of media is key, textures and forms are married in a way not possible through traditional means and homogenised into a two dimensional plane of non-existence.

My influences can change daily, however some remain constant. Artists from the 1960’s such as Robert Rauschenberg have had a great impact, he was a master at bringing together disparate objects and images then re-processing them to create something entirely different and spectacular. In a similar mould Ralph Steadman has been a long time favorite, being a master draughtsman into the bargain aswell as a mixed media pioneer.

I’m continuing on the same path for the immediate future, operating in the guise of a fine artist, my aim is always to leave the computer, as a creative tool, behind. The process of change usually means reverting back to pencil and paper, which is as good a place to start as any. I currently have prints available from Red Propeller Gallery.

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