Illustrator Michelle Last

Michelle Last is an Illustrator and artist here in Leicester, England. A graduate of the De Montfort University back in 2008 she has worked hard with her work and also recently moving into creating plush toys.

“My style has changed a lot over the past 6 months or so – i realised i wasn’t happy with how my work looked and this in turn was making me not enjoy drawing, so i refocused my style and now i’m so pleased with how my work is going – i’m influenced by bold and simple drawings and geometric shapes/lines – i like the viewer to look closely at the work and let them decide what is going on –  probably different to what i think, which is what makes illustration so interesting!”

Some of my favourite illustrators are Hanna Konola, Saga Bergebo and Edward Gorey. This year has been the start of the ball rolling for me – I got some of my illustrations published in a book, “Down The Plughole,” which is a series of children’s poems. I’ve also been taking part in lots of exhibitions and got involved with a fantastic group of lady illustrators in a collective called Pencil Play. At the moment I am focusing on getting my portfolio together to start approaching agencies, and working on a children’s story about a vampire who drinks milk instead of blood.

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