Showcase of Inspiration: Dawn Ellis

Today our feature, is a a little different in introducing the thoughts and work of design futures student; Dawn Ellis. Her work has a very defined creative streak and she has some brilliant typography illustrations too.

I am currently within my final year of study at the University of Salford, studying for my degree in Design Futures. After graduating from the university’s HND Graphic Design course, I felt that I needed to strengthen my knowledge on how the creative industry works. Design Futures gives students training in design and management, as well as providing invaluable work experience which opens many doors within the design and business ethnic.

My creative streak I believe to have inherited from my mother, who loved to create and draw for her own personal satisfaction. I grew to idolize her creative eye which often saw me and my younger sister win several art-based competitions within school. When she passed away in 2003 I used my inherited skills as a means to escape.

Inspired by most things involved within the creative industry, I like to explore and try different aspects of design. I have a keen eye for current design trends which I like to dabble into. One of the trends which I have become incredibly fond of is hand-drawn typography. Typography which is drawn by hand has the possibility of being richly detailed, profoundly beautiful and unique. Illustrator Mike Perry and his book ‘The Hand Job’ have largely influenced my work. Like my favourite artist I like to build letters up with mini-illustrations and paying close attention to detail. My work tends to sit easy on the eye but upon further inspection its busy and complex, the balance is something I am constantly working on.

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