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Showcase of Inspiration Susan Liberatore aka Vision 2 Images

Visions 2 Images is owned and run by Susan Liberatore, founded back in 2006 it is an outlet for Susan to share her talents whilst also growing and learning her trade as an artist.

I am a freelance artist who specializes in photography and graphic design. To give my work more variety, I often supplement specialties by incorporating my skills with additional mediums such as illustration, typography, and drawing into the final product so that I can best serve her customers’ needs.

I founded Visions2Images in 2006 so that I could share my multifaceted talents with the world while continuing to grow as an artist.

I got my Associates Degree in 2006 from a Community College in Design, and started to freelance. I thought that having this degree would be enough. In between the time I did a lot of freelancing on the side and got another Associate’s Degree in Small Business & Management. This is when I realized I wanted to finish my actual design degree. I am currently graduating in May 2013 with a BFA. I can not tell you how great it feels, not necessary the degree end, but how confident and experienced I feel. I have went after everything that I have ever wanted.

Right now, I am currently working on senior thesis projects, in May when we graduate all the seniors have to put on a design exhibition and I am currently working on projects, that I always wanted to do. The one I am finishing up right now is an ad campaign for Aiding Hands Foundation (located in California). I feel that this is one of my strongest pieces as well as professional. This will be done by the first week in December and it includes logo, magazine ad, web ad, direct mail, brochure, and a website.

Check Visions 2 images on her Website, Dribble and @susieliberatore on twitter.