Showcase of Inspiration Nathan Lisher

Nathan Lisher (nathanlisherdesign) first took inspiration when studying 3D design at College and high school, he is currently studying design and craft at the university of Brighton.

Design became my passion when I studied it at school for GCSE, I then continued to study 3D design at A Level . Whilst at college I made a lot of products from wood and plastic. Wood became one of my favourite materials to work with and I learnt many techniques when working with this material. Forming plywood became my favourite, as I really liked the complex forms you could create from a flat sheet of wood. I am now studying a degree in design and craft at the University of Brighton, which I started in September this year. I am thoroughly enjoying this course as it gives me the opportunity to work with materials that I have never used before.

I am normally influenced by architecture, but I try to work some smooth curves and more organic forms into my work, as I like the contrast between the two. This is evident in my iPod dock; the docking station was based on a roller coaster, thus being quite an architectural structure, but I have also worked some of the other features of a roller coaster into the design. One of my favourite products that I previously produced was my piece of lighting. The lamp is made from laser cut polypropylene and plywood. When designing this light I was keeping in mind how the consumer could interact with it, making it a much more interesting concept. I wanted the user to manipulate the lamp into a form that they liked, it could be twisted, curved or even stretched.

I have recently been working on a new toy/game, this was part of my uni course, The brief was to develop a game inspired by a story that is currently in the news. I decided to design an educational toy inspired by global warming as it is a pressing issue that is always in the news and a problem that people need educating about. I am currently working in ceramics, which is a material that I have never used before, but I am enjoying the challenge. I have been making very organic forms, which I feel works well with the material.

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