Illustrative Showcase James Oconnell

Here we share and inspire you all with the work of creative designer James OConnell, (@jamesp0p) James is someone I’ve known via the creative scene in Manchester for a while now. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to share his work, I trust you will all be as inspired with his illustrative talents as I am.

Just like honey illustration james oconnell

Being a multi-platform creative I could never decide on the right path to take in my career, which got me thinking ‘why should I just choose one route’? Keeping this in mind after bagging my degree I started my journey on a few local placements then working at a publishers, freelance, in-house and agency side all whilst pushing my passion for illustration and typography. Being a jack of all trades can be seen as a negative stance in the creative world but to be quite frank, it’s been one of the most enjoyable elements within my career. I am currently working for one of Manchester’s well known creative agencies whilst pushing my illustration and typography to new levels.

Two of the most prominent influencers to my career has to be I Love Dust and Studio Output, their approach and attitude to their work really resonates with me. Another factor that really motivates me is the music I listen to, it’s all a bit electronic and quirky which I always try to apply to the colours I use within my work. Whenever I come to a slump and need a bit of a pickup, I open up a browser and take a peek at my ‘Pinfluence‘ board, full of people I hold in high esteem with gold-nuggets of advice to offer.

As 2013 rolls on I think I’m going to find it hard to beat 2012, it was the year of my first solo exhibition, it found me working in one of Manchester’s best creative agencies, published in a few illustration books and rubbing shoulders with Sagmeister at Dublin’s OFFSET. I do however have one task to achieve, and that’s to bring my style of craft to an international audience and having bought my tickets to Barcelona’s OFFF Festival – it’s going to be one hell of a chance to share my work.

Loving the 80s illustration james oconnell

Madness taking control illustration james oconnell

Time for a fresh start typography illustration james oconnell

Swedish Style illustration james oconnell

Living services illustration james oconnell

Follow James on his Website, Illustration Portfolio, Behance and @Jamesp0p on twitter.