Stop Motion Directors Catfish Collective

Today we showcase the work of Daniella Orsini and Joe Orton, together they form Catfish Collective. “We are animation directors and we work in stop-motion: anything from puppets to cut-outs to pixelation and everything in between.”

Welcome to Catfish Collective from Catfish Collective on Vimeo.

Way back, many moons ago in 2011, Daniella completed animating the cut-out stop-motion short film Being Bradford Dillman. Since then the film has been accepted into 67 festivals and has won 15 awards both nationally and internationally. She has also been lead animator on commercial and corporate videos for clients including Nike, Gucci, BBC Bitesize, Microsoft and Vodafone. When she’s not animating, she spends most of her time knitting, doodling characters and getting muddy with her dog.

Daniella Orsini – Stop Motion Animation Showreel – Feb 2012 from daniella orsini on Vimeo.

Joe studied Chinese at Oxford and then became an animator. He’s also a post-production artist and has composited many, many ads for Kellogg’s as well as animating on ads such as for Hawkin’s Bazaar and short films such as Harriet and the Matches. When he’s not animating he’s probably lying on a forest floor taking macro photos of moss or some such.

Showreel 2012 from Twisted Noodle on Vimeo.

Since working together we’ve produced tiny little paper shanty towns for House of Cards documentary, a three-minute Christmas extravaganza for LaplandUK and we’re currently working on a film noir ghost story starring the grisly has-been, Detective Dirk Sweet.

Although we are committed to hand-made films we are also very familiar with post-production. We can even do special effects, although given time we’d prefer to do everything in camera!

The Invitation: Post from Catfish Collective on Vimeo.

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