Fashion Textiles & Surface Pattern Designer Maria Jose Bautista

Here we introduce the work of Maria Jose Bautista aka Majo bv, a Fashion, Textile & Surface Pattern Designer (and a nail-art aficionado). From a loving and supportive family in Colombia she moved to Italy to study Fashion and Textile Design in 2005 and graduated in 2008 and stayed in Europe in search of exciting and rewarding opportunities.


“I believe color, patterns and textures make our lives happier and help us interact with our environment in a more fun and enjoyable way. ‘Majo’ isn’t only the loving way my friends use to call me, it also implies many of the characteristics that define me, and of course my work: playful, bold, colorful, free. My work is also refreshing, whimsical and bright. It is filled with textures and suave shapes. I’m influenced by the eclectic craft and cultural Colombian heritage as well as by my enthusiasm for both Scandinavian and Folk art. I like designing patterns for different uses (fashion, crafts, stationary, homewares), cut-n-sew DIY projects and plushie characters.

I’m inspired by everything around me, anywhere I am. Daily life is filled with exciting ways and forms that light my creativity-bulbs. Every day is an exploration that fills my eyes and mind with new material for future creations. I attempt to capture every texture, color and brush stroke I find in my journeys on different surfaces to create worlds for both kids and adults. I’m fascinated by colors, shapes and textures found in nature; enchanted by children’s drawings and handwriting; fond of all things “cute”, animals (especially furry ones), textiles, sewing, all kind of DIY projects, costumes (firm believer that any occasion is good to dress up!), childlike things, gelato, chocolate and Nutella, my mom and grandma’s food, and I also have a peculiar obsession for fake eyelashes.”


“I have 4 years of experience in the Fashion world, two out of which I have been focused on my passion for textile design. After graduating from The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design course last October, I was inspired by all the different products I could apply my designs on. The course became a turning point for me, making my dreams and goals much more perspicuous. One of my first achievements as a Surface Pattern Designer was getting five of my designs selected to be featured in the Patternbase: a Collection of Contemporary Textile and Surface Design book to be published this year.

Among my long goal-list is having my own fabric line, and a little step ahead that road has been being part of the TOP 10 happy designers chosen to participate on The Printed Bolt’s contest REPEAT(ed), and I can’t wait to show everyone my work for the first challenge (I hope to make you all smile with it). While all this is happening, I’m developing my own brand and also putting together my portfolio to apply for a Masters program in Germany this spring.”





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