Freelance British Illustrator Mat Roff

Mat Roff is a British illustrator based in Oxford, though originally from Staffordshire, England. Freelancing since 2008, he recently completed his BA (Hons) in Graphics & Illustration with De Montfort University in 2012 and has been an Artist In Residence at Oxford & Cherwell Valley College in since September of 2012.


“I’m a freelance illustrator/concept artist based in Oxford, UK, but originally from the West Midlands. Never without a pen in my hand and an idea in my head, I’ve been freelancing since 2008, starting with promotional illustrations for short films, graphic novels and music merchandise.

As a kid, I was plonked in front of TV screen at a very young age to give my poor parents a break, and this is when I discovered Disney, Nickelodeon, Ray Harryhausen & Pixar films which my family were obsessed with. I loved the escapism, the imagination and artwork so much that at the age of 6 – after seeing The Lion King for the 4th time with my Dad – I vowed that I would one day make a living out of drawing. Fast forward 16 years and I’m still drawing!”


“In 2012, I graduated from BA (Hons) Graphics & Illustration at De Montfort University, earning myself a 2:1. Since leaving the course I’ve taken a dramatic change in my artistic direction and crossed over to digital art as my main tool for creating illustrations, having illustrated by hand using pen & ink for many years. I’m influenced by my own life; art is a documentation of me at the time, my likes, my dislikes, who I’m in love with, anything really.

At present, I’ve just started working on my debut graphic novel, Mr. Rabbit which is based on a character I created while illustrating weekly drawings around Channel 4’s drama, Utopia. I’m hoping to have it completed by the summer.”





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